10 Interesting Nuclear Power Facts

Sunday, June 9th 2013. | Environment

Nuclear power facts can make you realized the condition of earth if this technology has been developing through years. Nuclear power can give many benefits but it also gives the human being and environment bad impacts. The healthy environment will be no more for it is polluted. For more information and understanding, read the following nuclear facts below:

Nuclear Power Facts 1: Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion is needed to create nuclear power plants. The function occurs when you successfully split an atom into two atoms. This technology can give human being a great impact for it can save much energy. However, the development of nuclear plant is still in small scale.

Nuclear Power Facts 2: Nonrenewable Source

In order to use the nuclear power, people need to have the main sources of uranium.  This substance should be mined for it is considered as nonrenewable resource from earth. See the impacts of nuclear power in global warming facts.

Nuclear Power Facts

Nuclear Power Facts

Nuclear Power Facts 3: Radioactive Waste

As I have stated before, nuclear power plant can be dangerous for human being because of radioactive waste. The operation of power plant should be stopped even 18 to 24 months for they need to eliminate the waste of uranium fuel used to operate the power plants.

Nuclear Power Facts 4: Usage of Nuclear Power Plants

The development of technology makes people like nuclear power plants. This technology has been used in more than 30 countries all over the world.

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Plant

Nuclear Power Facts 5: Emission Free Power

The nuclear energy source has been used by American people. It is reported that more than 70 percent of their energy are from nuclear power plants. It can damage the environment. Look at the enviromental facts for detail info.

Nuclear Power Facts 6: Radioactive Waste in America

The usage of nuclear technology in American is so big. Each year this country has to deal with 2,000 metric tons of radioactive waste.

Nuclear Power Sign

Nuclear Power Sign

Nuclear Power Facts 7: No Emission

Nuclear power plants will never release any sulfur dioxide, carbon dioxide, even nitrogen dioxide. But it will harm the fossil fuel since the nuclear technology can be operated with uranium fuel.

Nuclear Power Facts 8: Nuclear Fuel in US

Illinois uses 9,301 tons of uranium fuel and makes this state as the most spent uranium fuel in US.  Pennsylvania only uses 6,446 tons, North Carolina 3,780 tons and South Caroline 4,290 tons.

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power

Nuclear Power Facts 9: Nuclear Waste in US

USA is one of the countries which use nuclear plants not only for business and households. The waste produced each year should be eliminated.  In this day, the uranium waste is saved in cooling pools of water at nuclear power plants. But the government makes a plan to bury the radioactive inside Yucca Mountain Nevada. But the local people disagree with this plan.

Nuclear Power Facts 10: Nuclear Power Plant Disaster

Even though nuclear power plant can eliminate emission and save much energy, it is so risky for the human being living around the sector. There are three major accidents of nuclear power plants. Those were Chernobyl disaster in 1986, Three Miles Island Accident in 1979 and Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear disaster in 2011.



The development of technology can help people to achieve what they want easily but it creates a new problem if the waste of nuclear power plant can be eliminated. By reading facts about nuclear power above, you can understand the positive and negative side of this technology.

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