10 Interesting Landfill Facts

Sunday, July 21st 2013. | Environment

Landfill facts give you the understanding about the importance to preserve the earth. People now have to face global warming when they increase the stage of air, water and environmental pollution. You should be aware that living on earth is not comfortable if the ice on the poles melted and earth is getting hot. Here are some frustrating facts about landfill:

Landfill Facts 1: Electronic Product

One of the biggest wastes that people have to concern is the electronic product such as cell phone, washing machine, TV and many more. More than 85 percent of e-waste is buried on the land landfill. It can lead into serious condition because the toxic buried on the land can go to the air and infect your lung.

Landfill Facts 2: E-Waste Impact

The impact of e-waste is not only on your lung system. You need to concern on the blood, kidney and nervous system.  In US, the waste only occupies 2 percent of landfill but it can bring 70 percent toxic.

Landfill Facts in New York

Landfill Facts in New York

Landfill Facts 3: E-Waste in the World

The e-waste in the world comes in a big number. Each year, the world disposes 20 up to 50 million metric of e-waste. Pollution facts give you detail explanation about the impacts of e-waste.

Landfill Facts 4: Cell Phones

The main waste is cell phone. This electronic product contains the precious metals such as silver and gold. In US, the American people throw cell phones with silver and gold in the cost of $60 million.

Landfill Facts

Landfill Facts

Landfill Facts 5: Recycled E-Waste

Not all of e-waste can be recycled. Until this present day, only 12.5 percent of e-waste has been recycled.

Landfill Facts 6: Recycled Laptop

You can save the energy by recycling 1 million laptops.  The energy produced is equivalent with the electricity that can be used by more than 3,657 homes in America. Read going green facts to know how to perform recyling process.

Landfill packer

Landfill packer

Landfill Facts 7: Recycled Cell Phone

There are many important substances that people can save by recycling 1 million cell phones. You can get 33 pounds of palladium, 772 pounds of silver, 35,274 pounds of copper, and 75 pounds of gold.

Landfill Facts 8: Trees

To provide the American people with sufficient of paper and pulp mills, more than 900,000,000 trees have to be cut.

landfill trucks

landfill trucks

Landfill Facts 9: Bottles and Jars

There are more than 28 billion bottles and jars used by the American people every year.

Landfill Facts 10: Diapers

There are disposable diapers in the landfills.  A baby will use at least 8,000 pieces.



People need to concern more on the usage of electronic, cups, Styrofoam and diaper. Every year, the American people throw 200 million tons of garbage. The amount of the garbage is enough to fill the Bush stadium. Are you concerned on facts about landfill?

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