10 Interesting National Park Facts

Wednesday, August 20th 2014. | Environment

If you are interested to find out National Park Facts, you have to read the following post below. Do you know that the National Park System has the area of more than 84 million acres of land? It covers more than 401 sites. Get the detail facts about National Park below:

National Park Facts 1: Appalachian National Scenic Trail

Appalachian National Scenic Trail is located inside a national park. Do you know that it spans from Maine to Georgia. The length of the trail is more than 2,000 miles.

National Park Facts 2: visitors

The number of visitors in the national parks is increased from year to year. Based on the report in 2011, there were 280 million people visited the National Parks.

National Park Bialowieza

National Park Bialowieza

National Park Facts 3: the deepest cave

If you want to know the deepest cave in US, you have to go to Carlsbad Caverns National Park. It has the depth of 1,593 feet.

National Park Facts 4: animals

There are various kinds of animals that you can view inside national parks. You can see timber wolves, pacific boas, gray whales, sheep, falcons and timber wolves.

National Park Entrance

National Park Entrance

National Park Facts 5: the National Park System

You can find a lot of interesting features in National Park System such as 18 recreational areas, 18 preserves, 15 battlefields and Military Parks, 124 historical sites, 29 national parks, 78 national monuments, 2 reserves and 4 lakeshores.

National Park Facts 6: the first national park

The first national park in the world is Yellowstone National Park. President Ulysses S. Grant established it in 1872.

National Park Facts

National Park Facts

National Park Facts 7: Hot Springs National Park

Hot Springs National Park is called as the first national park in the world. It spans on 5,500 acres in Arkansas. If you want to know the biggest national park, you can go to St. Elias National Park in Alaska. It has the area of 8.3 million acres.

National Park Facts 8: Wind Cave National Park

The first cave named as the first national park in the world is Wind Cave National Park. Do you know that the main material found in the wind cave is created from the boxwork? It is the calcite formation which can be found on the cave. 95 percent to boxwork in the world is on Wind Cave.

National Park Pictures

National Park Pictures

National Park Facts 9: the difference between national parks and national monuments

Can you tell me the difference between the national parks and national monuments? The national monument is characterized with archeological and historical significance. On the other hand, the national park is selected because of the unique geological features, natural beauty and wonderful ecosystem.

National Park Facts 10: Delaware

The first state in United States which does not have any national park or even national monument is Delaware. Get facts about Delaware here.

National Park

National Park

If you visited Colorado, you have to go to the Grand Canyon. It has magnificent beauty. You can also enjoy the Colorado River running on the canyon. Please comment on facts about National Park!

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