10 Interesting the Chaparral Biome Facts

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The Chaparral Biome Facts tell you about the heathland or shrubland shaped by the wildfire and Mediterranean climate. If you are interested to spot the Chaparral Biome, you can go to the northern part of Baja California Peninsula in Mexico and in California, USA. Find out other interesting facts about Chaparral Biome below:

The Chaparral Biome Facts 1: the Mediterranean climate

As I have stated before Chaparral Biome can be shaped due to the Mediterranean climate. Can you mention the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate? It has the hot dry summer season and wet winter season.

The Chaparral Biome Facts 2: the plants in Chaparral Biome

If you are in Chaparral Biome, you can spot the presence of the hard sclerophyllous evergreen leaves on the plants. Most of them tolerate the summer drought.

Chaparral Biome Landscape

Chaparral Biome Landscape

The Chaparral Biome Facts 3: Chaparral Biome in California

In California, Chaparral Biome occupies around five percent of the state. Around 3.5 percent is connected to the Mediterranean shrubland.

The Chaparral Biome Facts 4: the name of the biome

The name of the biome is Chaparral Biome. The world chaparral is taken from the word chaparro. This Spanish word means scrub oak.

Chaparral Biome

Chaparral Biome

The Chaparral Biome Facts 5: the characteristics of Chaparral Biome

The presence of infrequent fire is one of the common characteristics of Chaparral Biome in its natural state.  The interval of fire is at the interval of 10-15 to more than 100 years.

The Chaparral Biome Facts 6: the mature chaparral

The highly flammable ones are the mature chaparral plants. They are tolerant to drought and non deciduous. The latter one means that the plant is not leaf dropping even though it has small and hard leaves.

Facts about Chaparral Biome

Facts about Chaparral Biome

The Chaparral Biome Facts 7: the plants after the first rains

You can find the non woody annual plants which have the soft leaves dominating the chaparral biome after the first rains. During the summer dry period, the plants will die. They are often called as the fire followers. Check facts about marine biome here.

The Chaparral Biome Facts 8: the other areas

The other areas in the world which also have the similar plants include the area in Central Chile called as matorral, Mediterranean Basin called maquis, Western and Southern Australia called kwongan and South African Cape Region called fynbos.

Chaparral Biome Facts

Chaparral Biome Facts

The Chaparral Biome Facts 9: the plant diversity

Chaparral Biome occupies around 20 percent of the plant diversity in the world. Get facts about savanna biome here.

The Chaparral Biome Facts 10: the plants of Chaparral Biome in California

The Chaparral Biome in California usually is dominated with Quercus agrifolia, coastal sage brush/ coastal sage brush, blue oak, canyon live oak, sagebrush and scrub oak.

Chaparral Biome Image

Chaparral Biome Image

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