10 Interesting Sustainability Facts

Friday, November 20th 2015. | Environment

Sustainability Facts give you the information about the capacity to endure in the ecological world.  The sustainability is very important for it can make the biological system productive and diverse. Some examples of the sustainable biological system include the forest and healthy wetlands. Get the interesting facts about sustainability below:

Sustainability Facts 1: Sustainability science

The people who want to learn more about sustainability should take a look at sustainability science.  You can study about the environmental science as well as the sustainable development science.

Sustainability Facts 2: the domains

There are four interconnected domains of sustainability. Those are culture, politics, economics and ecology.



Sustainability Facts 3: the importance of sustainability

Sustainability is very important. It makes the environments and ecosystems healthy. Therefore, it can guarantee the survival of the living organisms like human being, animals and plants.

Sustainability Facts 4: the environmentally healthy lifestyle

The environmentally friendly lifestyle is needed to decrease the negative impact of human activities. The people have to concern with the environmental protection, chemical engineering and resource management.

Sustainability of Earth

Sustainability of Earth

Sustainability Facts 5: a social challenge

It is not easy for the people to maintain the sustainability for it will face the social challenge.  It will affect the urban planning and transport, national law, international laws, ethical consumerism, individual lifestyle and local lifestyle.

Sustainability Facts 6: the living condition

The people have to focus on the living conditions since there are various ways that people can do to increase the sustainability.  The people can have the sustainable architecture, sustainable agriculture, green building, sustainable cities, ecovillages, designing system and renewable energy.

Sustainability Pic

Sustainability Pic

Sustainability Facts 7: the barriers of sustainability

There are several barriers faced to bring the sustainability alive. It includes the climate change, environmental degradation, overconsumption, climate change, and population growth. Find facts about renewable energy here.

Sustainability Facts 8: the term

The term sustainability is taken from the Latin word, sustinere. The meaning of this word is endured, support, or maintain.

Sustainability Image

Sustainability Image

Sustainability Facts 9: sustainability types

There are various sustainability types.  It can be the ecological economics, sustainable architecture and sustainable agriculture. Get facts about rubbish here.

Sustainability Facts 10: sustainability and the beginning of human history

The natural composition of animals and plants were changed by human being since the beginning of human history. They used fire to create the food.

Facts about Sustainability

Facts about Sustainability

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