10 Interesting Environmental Facts

Sunday, June 23rd 2013. | Environment

Environmental facts are important to recognize for people are concerned more with environmental issues in the world. The earth is getting severe now. The emission of CO2 is still higher and destroys our ozone. You can feel that earth is getting hot nowadays. The garbage is everywhere. The pollution is not only seen on the air but also on land and water. Here are some environmental facts to notice:

Environmental Facts 1: Gasoline

If you a car at home, you need to fill the gas with gasoline. You can make it work with full gasoline. Department of Transportation issued that more than 140 million cars in the country travel more than 4 billion miles every day. To make it work, those cars spend 200 million gallon of gasoline. Is that a fantastic number? Look at water pollution facts to know the bad impact of oil spill.

Environmental Facts 2: Pesticide

We do know that pesticide is important to make the veggies and fruit grow well. However, the side effect on the pesticide can cause gene mutation, cancer and birth defect. Before you eat fruits or veggies, you need to wash them first to remove the pesticides. You can also remove the bacteria by preserving  cleaness. Look at facts about bacteria to get specific information.



Environmental Facts 3: Grain Production

Even though the usage of pesticide and fertilizer is high, it cannot increase the grain production in the world. Since 1985, the grain production in the world is declined rapidly.

Environmental Facts 4: Plastic Bags

Plastic bags are used for many purposes. If you reduce the usage of bags up to 10 pieces a month, you can save 2.5 billion bags every year. You can save 380 gallons of oil if each ton of office paper is recycled.

Environmental Facts

Environmental Facts

Environmental Facts 5: Disposable Diapers

If you have a baby, diaper is the important item to have. You need to know the 1 percent of land in US is filled with disposable diapers.   It needs 500 years for the disposable diapers to decompose.

Environmental Facts 6: Aluminum Can

By reducing the aluminum can production, people can save much energy. From one recycled aluminum can, people can use the saved energy to watch TV for 3 hours. You can also save a half can of gasoline for the production.

Environmental Issues

Environmental Issues

Environmental Facts 7: Paper

You know that paper is made from trees. It is better for you to use limited paper for it can save many trees in the world. It is estimated that the American people use 50 million tons of paper every year. It takes more than 850 million trees.

Environmental Facts 8: Toxic Chemicals

Toxic chemicals used by farmers are smaller compared to the home owners. They use toxic chemicals 10 times higher at home.

Save Earth

Save Earth

Environmental Facts 9: insulation

The good insulation at home can save you from wasting much energy. By using the right insulation on the attic, you can reduce the cost energy up to 10 percent.

Environmental Facts 10: Carbon Dioxide

Carbon dioxide can be the main cause of global warming.  By replacing 75 watt light bulb with energy efficient one, you can prevent one ton of carbon dioxide released on the air.

Air Polution

Air Polution

People need to concern more about their environment if they want to live well. The earth should be prevented from any destruction. Do you agree with facts about environment above?

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