10 Interesting Anglesey Facts

Sunday, May 6th 2018. | Places

If you are always curious and need to know much more about Anglesey, it is better to know well about the Facts about Anglesey which we are going to share below. This is an island which is situated off northwest-coast of the Wales. This is also well known as “Ynys Mon”. This is going to be easy to reach the mainland. That can be done by accessing the bridge of Menai Suspension and also Britannia. Before you enjoy the time there, it is good to know much more about this place or island. That is including getting to know much more about the interesting facts about this island, as like what are shown below.

Fact 1 : Has a Unique History

Viking raiders are stated using this island in about tenth century. Then, during the Gwynedd invasion, this island was adopted by Normans. That would be such thYnys Mone interesting history to know.

Fact 2 : Has a Welsh Name

Sure, it has its Welsh name. It is Ynys Mon. This name is still used. That is especially by the National Assemby constituencies and also parliament of UK.

Arms of Isle of Anglesey Council

Arms of Isle of Anglesey Council

Fact 3 : Anglesey was from Old Norse

The name of this island was from Old Norse. It means Ongli’s Island or Onlisey or Hook Island or Ongullsey.

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Fact 4 : The Humid Climate

When you are talking about the climate in Anglesey, sure it is good to know about it. That is important especially if you are going to visit Anglesey. This place has the high level of humidity.

Anglesey Coast

Anglesey Coast

Fact 5 : the Largest Island of Welsh

This is stated to be the largest one among other Welsh islands. That is because the size of the area is around 276-sqaure miles. This also becomes the Great Britain’s fifth biggest island.

Fact 6 : the Wales’ Breadbasket

Anglesey was also popular as “Mon Mam Cymru” or the “Wales’ Breadbasket”. That was because in the Middles ages, it was really fertile. Thus, it literally filled the North Wales inhabitants’ breadbaskets properly. 

Farmhouse in Anglesey

Farmhouse in Anglesey

Fact 7 : Llyn Coron as One of the biggest Natural Lake in Anglesey

You can find the natural biggest lakes there. It may be interesting for you. One of them is the Llyn Coron. You can enjoy fishing there.

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Fact 8 : Have Lots of Small Towns

In Anglesey, you will find lots of small towns. Some of them are Benllech, Holyhead, Menai Bridge, and Amlwch. However, you will also find some large towns there.

Holyhead circa 1850

Holyhead circa 1850

Fact 9 : the Menai Strait that Separates the Welsh Mainland with South Area

Another fact is about the Menai Strait. It separates the areas of the Welsh Mainland and the South Area. Anglesey is the 50th Europe biggest island based on the size.

Fact 10: Low Lying Area

Anglesey is the area which is low lying. There are some mountains which separate the north. Some of the highest mountains there are Holyhead Mountain, Mynydd Bodafon, and so on. 

Holyhead Mountain

Holyhead Mountain

Those are some great info you may need to know. That is especially if you plan to visit Anglesey, you may need to know those facts. 10 interesting facts about Anglesey above can be your basic info about this island and it will help you getting some overview about this island.