10 Interesting Global Warming Facts

Saturday, June 1st 2013. | Environment

You need to educate yourself about the global warming facts. Global warning from time to time is so frightening. The ozone is reduced due to the high technology used by most human beings in the world. It seems that people do not care about it even though global warming has been a hot topic not only on the internet but also books, magazines and periodicals. Here are some global warming facts that you can learn.

Global Warming Facts 1: Carbon dioxide

The world atmosphere is getting broken from time to time for it is estimated that more than 70 million of carbon dioxide is spread around the world.

Global Warming Facts 2: Hot day

In consequence, the world is getting hot yesterday, today or even tomorrow if you cannot do something to lower the production of carbon dioxide. The warmest days even recorded now were in 1997 to 2008.

Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts

Global Warming Facts 3: Ice in North and South Pole

Many people are concerned much about the melting ice in Antarctica and Greenland. It is stated that 500,000 cubic of ice is predicted to melt if the rapid change on world temperate occurs. It means that the low lying area in the world will get drown if it is happened.

Global Warming Facts 4: Glacier National Park

The Glacier National Park located in Montana is the best place to show you the glacier. But now it has disappeared up to 82 perceive because of global warming.   This park only has 27 glaciers. It had 150 glaciers 1910.

Global Warming

Global Warming

Global Warming Facts 5: Arctic sea

The satellite gave a rare view on the Artic Sea in 2008. It was recorded that the arctic sea only had 1.74 million square miles in 1979.  The lowest one was recorded in summer 2007 in the rate of 1.65 million square miles. Read water facts to get more info.

Global Warming Facts 6: Arctic summers

The experts predict that in 2040, the Artic will be ice free. The hot sunlight and the small ozone on atmosphere have made the arctic sea absorbs more sunlight. The heat makes the ice melted. Thus, the polar animals like bears and penguin will lose their place of living because of global warming.



Global Warming Facts 7: Melting ice

If the West Antarctic and Greenland is totally melted, you need to know that the sea level will increase 20 feet. If both areas melt at the same time, it will increase to 40 feet. It means that some countries in the world will disappeared from the maps. Some of them include Netherlands, China, Louisiana, Florida, Manhattan and Bangladesh. There will be a huge flood. People need to banish the air and water pollution. To find out the way, see air pollution facts.

Global Warming Facts 8: Greenland

The melting ice in Greenland is getting severe. Each day it is expected that more than 20 million of ice is melted. The amount will be doubled if you do not concern about the global warming and begin to neglect the world.

Melted Ice

Melted Ice

Global Warming Facts 9: A mini ice age

Experts have done many researches about the melting ice in the future. If the sea level is increased 1 yard, the mini ice age will occur in Europe.

Global Warming Facts 10: Northwest Passage

The melting ice in Arctic will make the fable comes true because the Northwest Passage will come as a route for the ship if the melting ice occurs.


Melt water

Global warming is one of the biggest environmental problems that people should not neglect if they want to live happily and conveniently in the future. Based on the facts about global warming, you know that the melting ice is getting severe.

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