10 Interesting Renewable Energy Facts

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By reading Renewable Energy Facts, you will be informed with the type of resources which can be replenished naturally. It comes in various types. The people can enjoy the renewable energy from the geothermal heat, sunlight, tides, wind, rains and waves.

Renewable Energy Facts 1: the conventional fuels

By using the renewable energy, people can reduce the usage of the conventional fuel based energy.  The usage of the renewable energy can be used to replicate the fuel in four areas which include the off grid or rural energy, electricity generation, motor fuels and water or space heating. Get facts about fossil fuels here.

Renewable Energy Facts 2: the contribution

The renewable energy gives a lot of contributions to the people. Do you know that it occupies 19 percent of the energy consumption in 2014?

Facts about Renewable Energy

Facts about Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy Facts 3: the modern and traditional renewable energy

The traditional renewable energy included the traditional biomass. The modern ones are the biofuels, wind, solar and hydro energy.

Renewable Energy Facts 4: the investment

People begin to realize the importance of having the renewable energy in the country. There is no need to wonder that these developing countries spend a whole lot of money to buy the technologies.

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energies

Renewable Energy Facts 5: China and US

The countries which focus a lot of the development of renewable energy include China and United States. They focus on biofuels, solar, hydro and wind energy.

Renewable Energy Facts 6: public opinion

The public gives positive opinion about the usage of renewable energy. The wind power and solar power are very supported by the people.

Renewable Energy Facts

Renewable Energy Facts

Renewable Energy Facts 7: Ban Ki-moon

Ban Ki-moon is the Secretary General of United Nations. He states that the renewable energy can shift the poorest people to the prosperity level.

Renewable Energy Facts 8: nature

The renewable energy is cost effective and practical for it comes from nature. The people can use the tides, sunlight, plant growth, wind and geothermal heat to produce the energy.

Renewable Energy Types

Renewable Energy Types

Renewable Energy Facts 9: The Geysers

The Geysers in California is famous as the largest geothermal power installation in the world.  It has the rated capacity at 750 MW. Get facts about natural vegetation here.

Renewable Energy Facts 10: Brazil

Besides China and US, another country which has a renewable energy program is Brazil. It uses sugar cane to produce ethanol fuel.    More than 18 percent of the automotive fuel in Brazil is powered by using ethanol.

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

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