10 Interesting Plastic Bag Facts

Sunday, October 26th 2014. | Environment

Plastic Bag Facts give the interesting information about the plastic bag used by the people every day. We should discuss the environmental impact of plastic bags to the world. Today, there are millions of plastic bags used by the people. In China, the people use 3 billion plastic bags every day. In the world, people use 1 trillion plastic bags. Find out more ideas about plastic bag facts below:

Plastic Bag Facts 1: recycled

One ways to avoid too much plastic bags in the world is by recycling the plastic bags. BBC states that 1 of 200 plastic bags in United Kingdom is the recycled one.

Plastic Bag Facts 2: ocean

The ocean is also affected by plastic bags. When people have a vacation in the beach, they will throw the plastic bags there. Based on the data in 2008, plastic bag was the second item that people can find on the ocean. The first one was the cigarette butts.

Plastic Bag Facts

Plastic Bag Facts

Plastic Bag Facts 3: the consumption of plastic bag

Let’s find out the consumption of plastic bag annually in the world.  The data state that the consumption of plastic bags fall between 500 billion to 1 trillion bags each year. Get plastic facts here.

Plastic Bag Facts 4: the family

When the family members go to a grocery stores for four times, they can collect at least 60 plastic bags.

Plastic Bag Waste

Plastic Bag Waste

Plastic Bag Facts 5: degrade the plastic bag

In average, it takes 1000 years for a plastic bag to degrade. But the high density polyethylene will only need 20 years to degrade.

Plastic Bag Facts 6: production of plastic bag

The data in 2008 stated that there were 3,960,000 tons of plastic sacks, bags and wraps generated for the people. 90 percent of the production was discarded.

Plastic Bag White

Plastic Bag White

Plastic Bag Facts 7: the floating plastic bags

If you look at the blue ocean, you will be upset when you find out the floating plastic and cigarette butts. It is estimated that there are 46,000 pieces of floating plastic located on each square mile of the ocean.

Plastic Bag Facts 8: on the ocean floor

Some plastic bags can be found floating on the ocean. Actually 70 percent of them are on the ocean floor.

Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag

Plastic Bag Facts 9: the production of plastic bag in US

Every year, this big country produces 100 billion plastic bags. The cost for the production is 4 billion dollar.

Plastic Bag Facts 10: the marine animals

The plastic bags on the ocean affect of the marine animals.   The death of the sea turtles or even fish is high because they think that the plastic bag is food.

Plastic Bags

Plastic Bags

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