10 Interesting the Alpine Tundra Facts

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The Alpine Tundra Facts inform you with the natural biome or region which does not have any trees. It is located at the high elevation. The tree growth in the Alpine tundra is not supported due to the very cold climate. If you want to find the Alpine tundra, you can check it at the top of various mountains in the world. Here are other interesting facts about alpine tundra:

The Alpine Tundra Facts 1: the climate

As I have stated before the climate of Alpine tundra is very cold. It is caused by the low level of greenhouse effect. The climate of Alpine tundra is the same with the polar areas.

The Alpine Tundra Facts 2: the flora

The common flora that you can spot in the Alpine tundra is the dwarf shrubs.  They can be found near the ground.

The Alpine Tundra Wildlife

The Alpine Tundra Wildlife

The Alpine Tundra Facts 3: the presence of Alpine tundra

Alpine Tundra can be found around the world. It can be spotted in the Rift Mountains of Africa, Caucasus Mountains, Pyrenees of Europe, Scandinavian mountains, the Alps, American Cordillera in North and South America, and Himalayas in Asia.

The Alpine Tundra Facts 4: the parts of mountains

The parts of the mountain inhabited by Alpine tundra include ridges, slopes and summits of the high mountains. There is no need to wonder that most areas on the alpine zone are broken and rugged.

The Alpine Tundra

The Alpine Tundra

The Alpine Tundra Facts 5: the human communities

It is not easy to spot the human communities who live in Alpine Tundra due to the limited to infrastructure.

The Alpine Tundra Facts 6: the economy

There are several people who live in the areas around the Alpine tundra for various reasons. They rely on the tourism, mining and agriculture. Find facts about swamp here.

Facts about The Alpine Tundra

Facts about The Alpine Tundra

The Alpine Tundra Facts 7: La Rinconada

La Rinconada is a town in Peru. It is inhabited by people at the elevations of 16,700 feet or 5,100 meters. It is a famous gold mining town in Peru. Get facts about taiga here.

The Alpine Tundra Facts 8: El Alto in Bolivia

Another town inhabited by the people even though it is located in high elevation is El Alto in Bolivia. There are around 1 million people who live at the town with the elevation at 13,620 feet or 4,150 meters.  The town is famous due to the manufacturing and service economy.

The Alpine Tundra Pic

The Alpine Tundra Pic

The Alpine Tundra Facts 9: the western North America

The common species that you will find in the alpine regions located at western North American are spreading phlox and Silky phacelia.

The Alpine Tundra Facts 10: the common floras

You can find the perennial sedges, grasses and forbs located near the ground for the alpine region is always affected by the ice, snow, cold, wind and radiation.

The Alpine Tundra Facts

The Alpine Tundra Facts

Are you impressed after reading facts about the Alpine tundra?

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