10 Interesting Anorexia Nervosa Facts

Saturday, June 23rd 2018. | Health

The Interesting Facts about Anorexia Nervosa are such the good things to know especially if you are interested in getting to know much closer about this eating disorder. Actually, there are so many types of eating disorders which you can find. One of them which are completely popular since lots of people are suffering from this disorder is anorexia.

Did you know about this eating disorder? I bet most of you have known or at least ever heard about this problem which is often only called as Anorexia. This is actually life threatening and becomes really serious. It can be characterized by the gaining the weight fear, building the self starvations, getting exercises in extreme portions, and so on. Some facts about Anorexia Nervosa below may give you some overview about this disorder.

Fact 1:  Anorexia Nervosa Definition

Anorexia nervosa is a kind of eating disorder which makes the sufferers to have an unrealistic body image. They always mind they are overweight even though they have been skinny.

Fact 2:  Dieting and Anorexia Differences

Of course, dieting and anorexia is different. Dieting means something you may do to manage your weight, while people with anorexia are often too afraid of the weight.

Fact 3:  Anyone can Suffer Anorexia

Actually anyone can suffer this problem, no matter how old you are, male or female, or many others. However, most of them are women.

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Fact 4:  Two General types

There are two different types of anorexia. They are purging and restricting. Purging type means they trigger to vomit to lose their weight. The restricting type is the sufferers that are eating totally less and also doing more exercises in extreme portions.



Fact 5:  The Cause

Actually the cause is not clearly known. There are some possible factors which may lead this problem. That is including the environment, psychological health, genetic, and so on. Commonly they also have got some inspirations before they are truly suffering it, as like recognizing the models’ photos, celebrities images, and so on.

Fact 6:  Can be a Serious Eating Health Problem

Even though it sounds only an eating disorder but it can be totally serious. It would not disappear itself. It will cause the psychological and also physical damages. That is the reason why people with this problem need a help and proper medical help.

Anorexia Nervosa before after Treatment

Anorexia Nervosa before after Treatment

Fact 7:  Life Threatening

This eating disorder can be really dangerous. It is a life threatening problem which can be really serious. That can cause a death since it will cause lots of health problems. That is too risky, espeiclaly if it happens to a woman under 24.

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Fact 8:  Hard to Recognize

Hide the problem of the eating disorder is the common thing which the sufferers do. Thus, people around them will see nothing weird and everything is okay. That is why it is difficult to recognize.

Eating Disorder warning

Eating Disorder warning

Fact 9:  Overweight is the Only Thing on the Anorexia Sufferers’ Mind

The people with anorexia always think they are really fat and overweight no matter how thin they are already. That is why they always want to keep decreasing their weight again and again.

Fact 10:  Unrealistic Body Shape Goal which are Always on the Sufferers’ Mind

People with anorexia also have the unrealistic goal for their body shape. That is something worse so that they will always think they are still overweight. 

body shape

body shape

Now, you have got some info about the Anorexia Nervosa. The info can be really helpful to help you getting an overview about this eating disorder. Those interesting facts about Anorexia Nervosa above will also help you to know much more about this problem.