10 Interesting Water Pollution Facts

Tuesday, June 11th 2013. | Environment

Have you wondered about water pollution facts? Water pollution can be seen not only in US but also in other countries in the world like China and India. People now need to concern more on preserving their environment. If the water gets polluted each day, the source of clean water will be limited. Here are some facts about water pollution to recognize:

Water Pollution Facts 1: US Waters

The water pollution is getting severe from year to year. Each year, US water is filled with 1.2 trillion gallons of industrial waste, storm water and untreated sewage.

Water Pollution Facts 2: Polluted Drinking Waters

If people do not concern anymore with their environment, the source of clean water will be limited in the future. Today, some countries face difficulties to find the clean water to drink. The polluted drinking water leads to 5 million deaths of people because on the water based diseases.

China Water Pollution

China Water Pollution

Water Pollution Facts 3: Water in America

The pollution can be seen on the lakes and rivers. In America, 46 percent the American lakes and 40 percent the American rivers are polluted. Thus, people cannot swim here. The aquatic life and underwater animals cannot live well.

Water Pollution Facts 4: Water Based Diseases

When you drink dirty water, you fill the body with fungi, virus and bacteria. People will be infected by dysentery, typhoid, cholera, and diarrheal diseases.

dirty water pollution

dirty water pollution

Water Pollution Facts 5: Plastic Waste

If you go to the coastal area, you can find many plastic wastes on the oceans and beaches.  The dirty oceans kill 1 million of sea birds, 100,000 marine mammals and myriad fish. Check enviromental facts to know the impact of pollution.

Water Pollution Facts 6: Land Based Activity Problems

The land based activities like sewage from the factories makes the water polluted.  The case of the water pollution on the oceans, seas and beaches is 80 percent because of the activities of human being in the land.

Polluted River

Polluted River

Water Pollution Facts 7: Garden Chemical

If you have a garden at home and want the space look fascinating all the time without any mildew and harmful animals, you can maintain it naturally. You do not need to use any garden chemical for it can pollute the water system. Get more info by reading pollution facts.

Water Pollution Facts 8: Asian Rivers

The most polluted rivers in the world are seen on the Asian countries. Compared to industrialized countries, the Asian countries are 20 times more polluted.

water pollution

water pollution

Water Pollution Facts 9: Recycled Items

When you have a vacation in the beach or coastal area, you need to put the plastic waste and all litters on the trash can. Save the world with small things.

Water Pollution Facts 10: Industrial Waste

The developing countries have so many factories. They always leave the waste untreated on the water flow system. It makes the rivers and oceans polluted because of their sewage and waste.

Coastal pollution

Coastal pollution

The continuity of clean water supplies depends on the people. If many people are not concerned with water pollution, they need to live with dirty water everywhere. Do you want to give statement on facts about water pollution?

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