10 Interesting Vermont Facts

Thursday, June 13th 2013. | States

To learn more about the states in US, you need to see the following Vermont facts. Vermont is considered as the smallest state in US. The population in the street is counted only 9 million people. But you can find it beautiful and interesting to view with fresh air and country area.  Visiting Vermont will be fun to do with your family. Here are some Vermont facts to consider:

Vermont Facts 1: Montpelier

Montpelier is one of the cities in Vermont. When you visit this city, you will never find any McDonald. This is the only city in US without McDonald. Montpelier is also famous as the larger manufacturer of maple syrup in the country.

Vermont Facts 2: The Most Popular Sport

People living in Vermont like to watch some sports like hockey, soccer, basketball, baseball and snow sport. You can find people playing those sports to have fun.

Vermont Facts

Vermont Facts

Vermont Facts 3: Dairy Cows

The natural landscape in Vermont filled with lakes and greeneries make it so easy to breed cows. The dairy cows are one of the best commodities in the state. Another state in US with great farm is seen in Wyoming facts.

Vermont Facts 4: The Largest Employer

The largest employer in Vermont is IBM. Some people think that it is Ben and Jerry who have the Ice cream Company. The hogs in the state like to enjoy the ice cream waste of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. They like all flavors for the ice. But they hate the mint oreo flavor.

Vermont Farm

Vermont Farm

Vermont Facts 5: Wal-Mart

It is easy for you find Wal-Mart in US. But not all states in US are filled with this supermarket. Before 1996, there was no Wall-Mart in Vermont.

Vermont Facts 6: Rudyard Kipling

The famous game of snow gold was invented in Vermont.  It was invented by Rudyard Kipling in 1980s.

Vermont Map

Vermont Map

Vermont Facts 7: Alcohol

When you want to purchase alcohol on the grocery and liquor stores, you need to have liquor ID. If you do not have it, you cannot take it home. However, you can drink it in a bar for the policy doesn’t apply on bars in Vermont. Read another state info in Missouri facts.

Vermont Facts 8: Capitol Building

You need to see the capitol building in Vermont. It has a gold dome representing the statue of ceres.



Vermont Facts 9: Insect

If you like to make a research about insects, you can do it in Vermont. It is estimated that the state has 1500 insect species. Honeybee is considered as the official state insect.

Vermont Facts 10: Jacques Cartier

Jacques Cartier was the man who discovered Vermont in 1535. Vermont is derived from French word. It means Green Mountain.

Bridge in Vermont

Bridge in Vermont

If you want to enjoy a changeling activity in Vermont, you can visit Mount Mansfield. It is considered as the highest point in the state. You will like seeing the city from the mountain. The height is counted at 1339 meters. Do you want to know more on facts about Vermont?

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