10 Interesting Virginia Facts

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Let’s find out more about the United States by reading Virginia facts. Virginia is named after the England queen of Elizabeth I. She was recognized as the Virgin Queen. When you visit Virginia, there is no need to wonder if you find many tobacco crops here. The main commodity of the local people is tobacco. Read more facts below:

Virginia Facts 1: Railway

The first successful electric street railway transit agency in Virginia was Union Passenger Railway. It was established in Richmond in 1888.

Virginia Facts 2: Capital Cities

There were three capital cities that Virginia had. Those were Richmond, Williamsburg and Jamestown. During the civil war time, Richmond was used as the capital city of the confederate states. Find another capital city in South Carolina facts.

Virginia and Dinosaur Kingdom

Virginia and Dinosaur Kingdom

Virginia Facts 3: The Civil War

Virginia is often linked with civil war. It is due to the facts that more than 2,200 battles from the 40,000 battles during the civil war occurred in the state.

Virginia Facts 4: Arlington

When you visit Arlington Virginia, you can see Arlington National Cemetery. It is the place where you can see the tombs of the unknown soldiers. The largest office building in the world is located in Arlington. It is called Pentagon. The internal telephone lines in Pentagon are around 68,000 miles. Find fascinating places in Georgia facts.

Virginia Attraction

Virginia Attraction

Virginia Facts 5: Virginia Beach

If you want to know the largest city in Virginia, you can come to Virginia Beach.

Virginia Facts 6: Jamestown

Jamestown was the first capital of Virginia. Based on the history, Jamestown is also the capital of the first settlement of English people when they came to US. Thus, Virginia is called as the birthplace of the nation. In this past this city was invented for silk cultivation. However, the blight fungus destroyed all trees. Thus, they plant tobacco which becomes the main community in the state.

Virginia Facts

Virginia Facts

Virginia Facts 7: US presidents

There are several United States Presidents born in Virginia. Some of them include Woodrow Wilson, Zachary Taylor, John Tyler, William Harrison, James Monroe, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and James Madison. The president buried in Virginia include Kennedy, Madison, Washington, Monroe, Taft, Jefferson, and Tyler.

Virginia Facts 8: Richmond

Richmond is the state capital of Virginia. The nickname of this state is old dominion. You can enjoy attractive places such as Blue Ridge Mountains, Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, Busch Garden’s Old Country Theme Park, Chincoteague Island and many more.

Virginia Land

Virginia Land

Virginia Facts 9: Patrick Henry

Patrick Henry was an important man who gave a speech in St. John’s Church in Richmond. The main phrase that people always remember is “Give me Liberty or Give me Death”.

Virginia Facts 10: State Flower

The official state flower actually is not a flower. It is a blossom of dogwood tree. This tree also serves as the official state tree in Virginia.

virginia map

virginia map

The second oldest university in the United States is College of William and Mary. It was located in Williamsburg in 1693. The home of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson was located in Virginia. What do you think on facts about Virginia?

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