10 Interesting Tasmania Facts

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Tasmania Facts talk about the island state in the commonwealth of Australia. Bass Strait separates the mainland of Australia and Tasmania. The location of this island state is around 150 miles or 240 km to the south of Australia. As of September 2015, Tasmania is inhabited by more than 515,000 people. Get other facts about Tasmania below:

Tasmania Facts 1: Greater Hobart precinct

Greater Hobart precinct is inhabited by more than 50 percent of the whole population in Tasmania. The largest city in the state is Hobart.

Tasmania Facts 2: the area of Tasmania

The main island has the area at 24,911 square miles. The total area of Tasmania is 26,410 square miles or 68,401 km square.

Tasmania Beauty

Tasmania Beauty

Tasmania Facts 3: a natural state

In Australia, Tasmania is famous as a natural state. You can find World Heritage Sites, national parks and reserves. The first environmental party in the world was established in Tasmania.

Tasmania Facts 4: the aboriginal people

The first inhabitants of Tasmania were the aboriginal people. Their settlement in the island could be traced back around 40,000 years ago.

Tasmania Tourism

Tasmania Tourism

Tasmania Facts 5: Van Diemen’s Land

In 1803, British Empire established the penal settlement of Van Diemen’s Land in the island. Therefore, the French explorers could not claim the land.

Tasmania Facts 6: the new name

The land was called Tasmania in 1856. It also granted the self-governing colony status. Tasmania was included in Australia in 1901. Find facts about Sarawak here.

Tasmania Facts

Tasmania Facts

Tasmania Facts 7: the convicts

Van Diemen’s Land received around 65,000 convicts. In 1853, the transportation of convicts was stopped. During the colonial era, there were only 3000 to 7000 aboriginal people who lived in the island. The aboriginal community decreased due to the spread of the infectious disease, conflict with British, and intertribal conflict.

Tasmania Facts 8: the peak of the conflict

In 1825 until 1831, the conflict was at its peak. There were around 1100 aboriginal people and settlers who died during the conflict.



Tasmania Facts 9: vineyards

If you visit Tasmania, you can spot various vineyards in the state. Cascade and Boags are some of the famous beer brands from Tasmania. Check facts about South Australia here.

Tasmania Facts 10: the annual events

The government supports the tourism industry in Tasmania. Therefore, there are various annual events conducted in the state. Those include Sydney to Hobart Yacht Race, Targa Tasmania, Royal Launceston Show and Royal Hobart Show. This state also has various musical events such as Tasmanian Lute Festival, Cygnet Folk Festival, Falls Festival at Marion Bay and MS Fest.

Facts about Tasmania

Facts about Tasmania

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