10 Interesting Missouri Facts

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You can enjoy the detail info about ’Show Me State’ in Missouri facts. ‘Show Me State’ is a common expression in Missouri. It was introduced to the people since 1899. It was popularized by the congressman named Willard Duncan Vandiver. There are many historical events that you can learn from the state. Here are some of them:

Missouri Facts 1: Captain Berry

Captain Berry is the man who enjoyed the first successful parachute jumping in US. The parachute was made by him. He successfully jumped out of the moving plane in St Louis in 1912.

Missouri Facts 2: Tornado in Annapolis

Tornado is one of the most destructive disasters in US. The bad one was recorded in Annapolis Missouri. It was in 18 March 1925. The tornado lasted for 3 hours. There were 300 injured people and 823 dead people. The building, cars and trees were demolished by the tornado.

Missouri Facts

Missouri Facts

Missouri Facts 3: Richard Blechyden

Have you ever wondered about iced tea that you probably drink every day? It was invented by Richard Blechyden. This man served people with an iced tea at the St Louis World’s fair in 1904.

Missouri Facts 4: St. Louis

ST Louis is one of the important places in Missouri. It has many nick names. Some people call is as home of the blues and the gateway to the west. Another state to visit can be seen in Wyoming facts.

Missouri Land

Missouri Land

Missouri Facts 5: Warsaw

The highest and the coldest temperature in the state were recorded in Warsaw.  The highest one was recorded in 118 degree on 14 July 1954. The coldest one happened on 13 February 1905 with -40 degrees.

Missouri Facts 6: Animals

Missouri has some state animals. The state insect is honey bee. It was introduced on 3 July 1985. The bluebird was used as the state bird in 30 March 1927.

Missouri Map

Missouri Map

Missouri Facts 7: Ice Cream Cone

It seems that the St Louis World’s Fair has created many inventions in 1904. The first ice cream cone was invested in the world fair. Because the ice cream vendor was run out of cups, they use the waffle to hold the ice cream. Now the waffle is popular to use as a cone. If you want toenjoy various kinds of ice cream, New York has many to offer. Read New York facts for details.

Missouri Facts 8: Robert Pershing Wadlow

Robert Pershing Wadlow is the tallest man from St Louis documented in the medical history. This man had the height at 11.1 inches of 8 feet.

Missouri trees

Missouri trees

Missouri Facts 9: Creve Coeur Lake

One of the interesting places to visit in Missouri is the Creve Coeur Lake. The name is derived from French language. It means broken heart. It has a legend about the lake’s name. There was an Indian princess fell in love with a French fur trapper. However, she was broken heart because the fur trapper did not love her.

Missouri Facts 10: Branson and the Tri-Lakes area

If you want to make a great vacation in Missouri, you can visit Branson and the Tri-Lakes area. In a day, the area is visited by 65,000 people.

Missouri Water

Missouri Water

Missouri can be one of the best destinations for the people who want to enjoy a unique experience. You can also view the Dogwood Azalea festival in Charleston. It will be held on the 3rd weekend of April every year. Are you interested reading facts about Missouri?

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