10 Interesting Tennessee Facts

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Find more ideas about Tennessee by looking at the post about Tennessee facts below. There are many unique and interesting facts that make you flatter and amaze. On 21 September 1807, the city of Kingston was used as the capital state of Tennessee only for a day. Then it goes back to Knoxville. Here are more facts about Tennessee to know:

Tennessee Facts 1: Andrew Johnson

One of the most important people coming from Tennessee is Andrew Johnson. He became a president after the assassination of the former US president Abraham Lincoln. The elective office in the federal, local and state was maintained by Andrew Johnson.

Tennessee Facts 2: Polly Bergen

If you want to know one of the most prominent singers and actresses in Tennessee, you can see Polly Bergen. She is considered as the first woman coming from Knoxville who can serve as the Board of Directors of the Singer Sewing Machine Company.

Tennessee  Facts

Tennessee Facts

Tennessee Facts 3: Nickname

Many people call Tennessee as the volunteer state. The named is gained after many volunteers coming from Tennessee during the battle for New Orleans in 1812.

Tennessee Facts 4: Shelby County

If you love to see the horse farm in Tennessee, you can go to Shelby County. In this area you can see more horses occupied in the area compared to any other areas in US.

lake in Tennessee

lake in Tennessee

Tennessee Facts 5: Samuel Powhatan Carter

Samuel Powhatan Carter was originated from Elizabethton. This man was the only general in the army and an admiral in the navy during the American history. Find more famous people in Iowa facts.

Tennessee Facts 6: Conifer forests

The highest elevation for the Great Smoky Mountain is a home of Conifer forests.

Tennessee Creek falls

Tennessee Creek falls

Tennessee Facts 7: Greeneville

If you want to know the only monument which honors the confederate and union armies, you can go to Greeneville. You can find it sitting on the exact location of Green County Courthouse. Get more facts about Minnesota here.

Tennessee Facts 8: Hattie Caraway

The first US senator is from Baskerville. She is Hattie Caraway who lived in 1878 till 1950.

Tennessee Map

Tennessee Map

Tennessee Facts 9: The Tennessee Aquarium

One of the popular attractions is the Tennessee Aquarium. The aquarium is focused to maintain the fresh water habitat. This is the largest facility to hold 300 species for birds, fish, reptiles, mammals, and amphibians and other 7000 animals.

Tennessee Facts 10: Turtle Capital of the World

If you want to know Turtle Capital of the World, look at Reelfoot Lake. It has thousands of stinkpots, sliders, map and mud turtles.



If you want to know the longest continuously running live radio program in the world, you can listen to Nashville’s Grand Ole Opry. Since 1925, it broadcasts on Friday and Saturday. Do you like reading the facts about Tennessee?

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