10 Interesting Nevada Facts

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Nevada facts bring the information about one of the largest states in US. Many people love to visit Nevada because it presents a beautiful and scenic view. There are many activities that you can do here. You can go hiking, traveling and shopping. Here are some interesting facts about Nevada to note:

Nevada Facts 1: Liberty Bell

Liberty Bell is a slot machine invented by Charles Fey in 1899. The slot machines now have been used by all people to design the modern styled slot machines.

Nevada Facts 2: Reno Ice Pavilion

If you want to know the 16,000 square foot rink which once belonged to Atlantic City New Jersey, you can go to Reno. The name of the rink now is Reno Ice Pavilion.

Nevada facts

Nevada facts

Nevada Facts 3: Imperial Palace

Living in Nevada is totally great. When you visit the Imperial Palace located in Las Vegas Stripe, You can enjoy the airline baggage check in service. It is considered as the first off airport baggage check in. If you want to know other states, see Oregon facts.

Nevada Facts 4: The Flamingo

The Flamingo is one of the best casinos in Las Vegas. The name of this casino is totally unique. The name is derived by the long legs of the showgirls in the casino called as Virginia Hill. The name was given by Bugsy Siegel.

Nevada Postcard

Nevada Postcard

Nevada Facts 5: Slot Machines in Nevada

One of the best casino games that people like to enjoy when they come in Nevada is the slot game. In 1960, it is estimated that Nevada had 16,067 slot machines. In 1999, there were 205,726 slot machines.

Nevada Facts 6: Gold

Gold is one of the main commodities in Nevada. It is stated that Nevada is the second largest gold producer in the world. It comes behind South Africa. In the nation it comes as the first producer of gold.

nevada welcome

nevada welcome

Nevada Facts 7: Paved Road

If you come to Nevada, you can enjoy the look of paved road in the length of 50,000. There are some movies which had been shot on the paved road. Some of them include Lethal Weapon 4, Vanishing Point and Breakdown.

Nevada Facts 8: Cal-Neva

Cal-Neva is situated at Lake Tahoe, Crystal Bay. The owner of this home once was Frank Sinatra. The people who can stand inside the Cal-Neva building are possible to sit or stand between California and Nevada. Look at New Mexico facts to get more info.

sierra nevada

sierra nevada

Nevada Facts 9: Gabbs

Gabbs is considered as the small incorporated city in Nevada. The location of the city is around 140 miles from the southeast of Reno. But now the city was disincorporated on 8 May 2001.

Nevada Facts 10: Hotels

The hotels in Nevada are myriad. It is stated that Nevada is the only place on earth which has more hotel rooms. If you want to know the Nevada Gambling Museum, you can go to Virginia City.

state of nevada

state of nevada

One of the famous animals which entertained people at John Ascuaga’s Nugget casino is an elephant named Bertha. The animal had entertained the audience for about 37 years. She died when she was 48 year old. Are you interested to find more on facts about Nevada?

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