10 Interesting Illinois Facts

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Finding the ideas about the state in US is easy to do if you note on Illinois facts. There are several cities in Illinois which hosted the famous Lincoln Douglas debates. Some of them include Quincy, Charleston, Ottawa, Galesburg, Jonesboro, Freeport, and Alton. All of them were used to host the slavery issue debates. Here are more facts about Illinois:

Illinois Facts 1: Chicago

It seems that Chicago is one of the more prominent cities not only in Illinois but also in US. It was the home for the first skyscraper in the world built in 1885 and the first aquarium in US in 1893.

Illinois Facts 2: Mormon Temple

One of the famous buildings is Mormon temple. It was firstly constructed in Nauvoo Illinois. If you want to know the tallest building in North America, you can see the Sears Tower. Find out more fascinating building in Tennessee facts.

Illinois Beauty

Illinois Beauty

Illinois Facts 3: Team for Sports

There are several famous team of sport coming from Chicago. Probably you can mention them well because of their achievement. They are Chicago Fire soccer team, Chicago Blackhawks hockey team, Chicago Bears Football Team, Chicago Cubs and Chicago Whites ox baseball teams, and Chicago Bulls basketball team.

Illinois Facts 4: Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site

If you want to know the historic state in Illinois, you can go to Cahokia Mounds State Historic Site. You can see the native civilization of north Mexico in prehistoric time. Enjoy a nice scenery by seeing Mississippi facts.

Illinois Facts

Illinois Facts

Illinois Facts 5: Two Capital Cities

There are two capital cities that Illinois have. Both were Kaskaskia and Vandalia. But now it is located in Springfield.

Illinois Facts 6: Superman

If you like reading comic or watch movie about superman, you know much about Metropolis. It is used as the home of superman. The town really exists. It is located in Southern Illinois.

Illinois Photo

Illinois Photo

Illinois Facts 7: Springfield

The state capital of Illinois is Springfield. If you visit this city, you can go to the famous national historic place of the home for Abraham Lincoln and his wife.

Illinois Facts 8: Abraham Lincoln

Illinois is the home for our famous president Abraham Lincoln. Before he becomes the president of United States, he practiced law and served the legislature in the state. If you want to see his graveyard, you can go to Lincoln Tomb State Historic Site.

Illinois Scenery

Illinois Scenery

Illinois Facts 9: Great Chicago Fire

Great Chicago Fire damaged all buildings in the state. The only building to survive is Chicago Water Tower and Pumping Station.

Illinois Facts 10: Carlyle

If you want to know the largest manmade lake in the state you can go to Carlyle.

Illinois State

Illinois State

There are 102 counties located in Illinois. If you want to know the highest point in Illinois, you can go to Charles Mound. It has the elevation around 1235 feet. The motto of this state is State Sovereignty, National Union. If you want to know the home for the first McDonald restaurant, you can visit Des Plaines. Have you read the whole facts about Illinois?

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