10 Interesting Wyoming Facts

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Wyoming facts in the post bellow give you more information about the history, population and interesting places in the state. Even though you have not visited Wyoming before, you need to note on the culture and way of life. The state can be a nice place for the people who want to enjoy a fresh and relaxing area. Here are the facts about Wyoming to notice:

Wyoming Facts 1: Old Steamboat

Old Steamboat is used by the local people in Wyoming as the license plate for their horse. So a horse in the state is also considered as means of transportation. You need to equip the horse with a license plate.

Wyoming Facts 2: Population

Not many people live in Wyoming. This state has the lowest population in US. Another state with the low population is Vermont. You need to read Vermont facts for better explanation.

Wyoming  Facts

Wyoming Facts

Wyoming Facts 3: Cody Wyoming

If you want to enjoy a wonderful vacation, why don’t you visit Cody Wyoming? The name is taken from William Buffalo Bill Cody. There are many restaurants and hotels to visit. However, the hotels are totally different with ones found in New Yorks. If you want more about the big apple, see the New York facts.

Wyoming Facts 4: Yellowstone Park

The location of Yellowstone Park is always bounded by Wyoming. This park is popular in US. You visit it in the next vacation with family or friend.  It was created in 1872.

Wyoming Horse

Wyoming Horse

Wyoming Facts 5: Red Desert

If you go to the south central of Wyoming, you are served with view of Red dessert.

Wyoming Facts 6: Gillette

Even though the people living in Wyoming are in small population, it does not mean that education in the state is not good. If you visit the city of Gillette, you can visit Campbell County High School. It is considered as the largest high school is the state.



Wyoming Facts 7: Coal Mine

Wyoming is famous with coal mining. The first one occurred in 1867 where people could get carbon. The largest one is called in Black Thunder. The coal production in the state comes in the biggest number in 1994 when it could produce 3 million tons of coal each week.

Wyoming Facts 8: Women Right

The first state giving the women a right to vote is Wyoming.

Wyoming Horseback

Wyoming Horseback

Wyoming Facts 9: Devils Tower

If you want to know about the first national monument in Wyoming, visit Devils Towers. It was constructed in 1906.

Wyoming Facts 10: JCPenney stores

JCPenney stores are famous in the state. It was firstly built in Kemmerer.

Green Wyoming

Green Wyoming

The fresh air in Wyoming is the best attraction that people get when they come to the state. There are many interesting places to visit. Some of them include Yellowstone National Park, Fossil Butte National Monument, Grand Teton National Park, and Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. All of them give you the scenic view when you visit Wyoming. Do you want to add more facts about Wyoming?

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