10 Interesting Sarawak Facts

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Sarawak Facts present the information about one of the two Malaysian states located in Borneo Islands. The location of this state is the northwest of Borneo. It shares the border with Indonesia to the south, Sabah to the northeast and independent state of Brunei. Do you know that Sarawak is one of the founding members of Federation of Malay and Malaysian federation? Get more facts about Sarawak by reading the following post below:

Sarawak Facts 1: the law

Sarawak has an autonomous law regarding to the immigration. It is just like Sabah. Therefore, Sarawak is not similar with other states in Malaysian peninsula.

Sarawak Facts 2: the nickname

Can you guess the nickname of Sarawak? It is often called as Bumi Kenyalang. In English, it means the Land of the Hornbills.

Sarawak Facts

Sarawak Facts

Sarawak Facts 3: Kuching

Kuching is called as the administrative capital of Sarawak. It is inhabited by more than 700,000 people.

Sarawak Facts 4: the major towns and cities in the Sarawak

Let’s find out the major towns and cities in the state. Bintulu is inhabited by around 200,000 people.  You can find around 257,000 people in Sibu. The population of the people in Miri is around 350,000. The whole population in Sarawak was 2,420,009 people based on the census in 2010.

Sarawak Pic

Sarawak Pic

Sarawak Facts 5: the natural resources

There are a lot of natural resources that you can find in Sarawak. It is the home of the petroleum and LNG industry. However, the Sarawak state only gets five perfect of the royalty share from this industry. Most of them go to the Malaysian federal government.

Sarawak Facts 6: the economy

One of the main exports of Sarawak is tropical hardwood timber. That’s why this state is included as one of the largest exporters of tropical hardwood timber in the world.

Sarawak State

Sarawak State

Sarawak Facts 7:the sawlog exports

The sawlog export of Sarawak is very high. Between 1996 and 2000, the sawlog export reached 14,109,000 m³. Find out another city in San Juan Facts.

Sarawak Facts 8: the economy of the state

Sarawak is ranked in the third place of the largest state economy in Malaysia in 2010. It is still behind Selangor and Johor. The GPD is around USD$16,542M or RM 50,804M.



Sarawak Facts 9: tourism

Besides the natural resources, tourism is one of the main sources of the Sarawak Economy. There were four million tourists who came to Sarawak in 2012.

Sarawak Facts 10: the attractions

The most popular tourist attractions in Sarawak include Gunung Mulu National Park, Kuching city, and Rainforest World Music Festival.

Sarawak Culture

Sarawak Culture

Are you impressed reading facts about Sarawak?

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