10 Interesting Louisiana Facts

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Louisiana facts evoke the information about the historic celebration and important cities in Louisiana. Even though you do not live here, it is important for you to broaden the knowledge about one of the vital states in US. There are many things to explore in Louisiana. Find the complete facts on the explanation below:

Louisiana Facts 1: Mardi gras

If you want to know the festive celebration located in New Orleans, you will be impressed with Mardi gras. You can have fun here with family and friends. It will be celebrated before the 40 days of Lent.

Louisiana Facts 2: Name

The name of the state is used to honor King Louis XIV. Find other state facts in Michigan facts.

Louisiana at Night

Louisiana at Night

Louisiana Facts 3: Capitol Building

If you like to know the tallest capitol building in the US, you need to go to Louisiana. The capitol has 34 floors with the height around 450 feet.

Louisiana Facts 4: Population

The only state in US that you can find a very large population of Cajuns is in Louisiana. Because the people did not pledge any allegiance with the king of England, they had to leave Canada in 1700s. Cajun people are the descendants of the Acadians. See Oklahoma facts here.

Louisiana Map

Louisiana Map

Louisiana Facts 5: Counties

The only state in US which does not have any counties is Louisiana. People have to call the subdivision in the state as parishes.

Louisiana Facts 6: Superdome

The people who want to enjoy a unique building in the state can go to New Orleans. It sits the superdome. The building has the record as the largest steel constructed room unobstructed by post in the world. The diameter of the dome is round 210 meters with the height for the building at 82.3 meters.

louisiana plantations

louisiana plantations

Louisiana Facts 7: Atchafalaya Basin

If you want to know the largest freshwater river basin, you can go to Atchafalaya Basin. It is located in Stain Martin Parish. It is beautiful and splendid.

Louisiana Facts 8: Rule

There is a unique rule in Louisiana. It is considered as simple assault when you bite someone with your real teeth. If you do it with your false teeth, you are charged with aggravated assault.

Louisiana Scene

Louisiana Scene

Louisiana Facts 9: Jennings

If you want to know the productive farmland in Louisiana, You can go to Jennings. Many people call it as Garden Spot of Louisiana. It is rich, beautiful and green.

Louisiana Facts 10: The City of Sulfur

The City of Sulfur has a unique name. It was derived from the name for the mining and chemical component. It is considered as the 13th largest city in US.



To know the most Cajun place on earth, you can go to the city of Kaplan. Don’t forget to visit one of the most patriotic cities on American on Winnsboro. This city is always known as the Stars and Stripes Capital for Louisiana. On the highway 15, there are 350 American flags fly on several occasions such as Labor day, 4th July, and veteran’s day. Do you have any more facts about Louisiana?


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