10 Interesting the Willis Tower Facts

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The Willis Tower Facts tell you about the skyscraper located in Chicago, Illinois, US. It has the height of 442 meter or 1,451 feet with 108 stories. The building is often dubbed as Sears Tower. For almost 25 years, it took the record as the tallest building in the world since its completion in 1973. The height of World Trade Center towers in New York was surpassed by the Willis Tower. Let us get other interesting facts about the Willis Tower below:

The Willis Tower Facts 1: the present day record

Talking about the present day record, it earns the 14th place as the tallest building in the world. In US, it is the second tallest building.

The Willis Tower Facts 2: the observation deck

The most visited area of Willis Tower is the observation deck.  It has been visited by one million people per year.

the Willis Tower Images

the Willis Tower Images

The Willis Tower Facts 3: United Airlines

United Airlines are considered as the largest tenant on the building. The headquarters and operation center of the building were located on 20 floors.

The Willis Tower Facts 4: the official address?

Have you realized the official address of Willis Tower? It is located at 233 South Wacker Drive, Chicago, Illinois 60606. Get facts about the Twin Towers here.

the Willis Tower

the Willis Tower

The Willis Tower Facts 5: the opening of the observation deck

On 22 June 1974, the observation deck of Willis Tower was opened.  It is often called as Skydeck.

The Willis Tower Facts 6: the location of the observation deck

If you are interested to visit the observation deck of Willis Tower, you need to go to the 103rd floor. It has the height of 412 meter or 1,353 feet. Find facts about the Summer Palace here.

the Willis Tower Entrance

the Willis Tower Entrance

The Willis Tower Facts 7: the view on the Skydeck

The view on the Skydeck is magnificent because the people can stare ar the plains of Indiana, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan. It takes 60 seconds for elevators to take the tourists to the top.

The Willis Tower Facts 8: John Hancock Center’s observation floor

John Hancock Center’s observation floor is considered as the competitor of Skydeck.

Facts about the Willis Tower

Facts about the Willis Tower

The Willis Tower Facts 9: the second Skydeck in the Willis Tower

The Willis Tower also featured the second Skydeck located at the 99th floor. If the first Skydeck is closed, the second one will be used.

The Willis Tower Facts 10: the major renovation

The installation of the retractable glass balconies was one of the major renovations for the Skydeck in January 2009.

the Willis Tower Facts

the Willis Tower Facts

Do you have any more ideas on facts about the Willis Tower?

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