10 Interesting the British Museum Facts

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The British Museum Facts inform you with a museum located in Bloomsbury, London, United Kingdom. Have you visited the museum before? If you are here, you will know more about human culture, art and history. The collections in British Museum are very impressive. There are around eight million of works as the permanent collection. Check other interesting facts about British Museum below:

The British Museum Facts 1: the collections

The collections of works that you find inside the British Museum are taken from all continents in the world. When you check the collection, you will know the story of the human culture from the start until the present day.

The British Museum Facts 2: the establishment

In 1753, British Museum was founded. Sir Hans Sloane was the scientist and physician whose collections were displayed in the museum at the beginning of the establishment.

The British Museum Exterior

The British Museum Exterior

The British Museum Facts 3: the public opening

On 15th January 1759, British Museum was opened for the first time for public. The location of the original British Museum was in Montage House in Bloomsbury.

The British Museum Facts 4: the expansion

British Museum experienced expansion because of the large collections that it had. There are several objects of British Museum which create controversy. The notable one is Elgin Marbles from the Parthenon.

The British Museum Facts

The British Museum Facts

The British Museum Facts 5: the national library

The national museum and national library are located British Museum. At first, British Library was located on Round Reading Room.

The British Museum Facts 6: the fee

There is no admission fee when you want to visit the British Museum. Department for Culture, Media and Sport gives sponsor the museum. It will charge the visitors with fee if there is loan exhibition.

The British Museum Image

The British Museum Image

The British Museum Facts 7: the director of British Museum

In August 2002, the director of British Museum was Neil MacGregor. He stated that he would leave the position as the director on 15 December 2015. Get facts about the Big Ben here.

The British Museum Facts 8: the successor

The successor of Neil MacGregor will be Hartwig Fischer. His proposition was confirmed by the Board of Trustees on September 29th, 2015. In spring 2016, he will be in his post.

The British Museum Interior

The British Museum Interior

The British Museum Facts 9: division of British Museum

British Museum has a division and a publishing company called BMP or British Museum Press. Trustees of the British Museum own it. The money collected by BMP will be used to support British Museum. Find another building on facts about Brooklyn Bridge here.

The British Museum Facts 10: area

British Museum spans on the area around 990,000 square feet or 92,000 meter square.

The British Museum

The British Museum

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