10 Interesting Whitby Abbey Facts

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Get the interesting Whitby Abbey Facts in the article below. English Heritage maintains and manages Whitby Abbey for it earns the status as a Grade I Listed building. Cholmley House is the location of museum in Whitby Abbey. When you are in Whitby Abbey, you can spot North Sea on the East Cliff. During the reign of King Henry VIII, Whitby Abbey was disestablished due to the split of monasteries.

Whitby Abbey Facts 1: the brief history

Oswy was the King of Northumbria in the Anglo-Saxon era who established the first monastery in 657 AD. It was named Streoneshalh. People consider it as the older name of Whitby.

Whitby Abbey Facts 2: founding abbess

The founding abbess was appointed by the king. The founding abbess was the first king of Northumbria, Edwin. He was grand-nice of the king. The abbess of Hartlepool Abbey was Lady Hilda.

Whitby Abbey Pic

Whitby Abbey Pic

Whitby Abbey Facts 3: the name Streoneshalh

There are a number of theories related to the origin of Streoneshalh name. Some believe that it means Streona’s settlement. Other believe that the name was use to indicate Tower Bay or Fort Bay. Look at facts about Warwick Castle here.

Whitby Abbey Facts 4: another theory

Another theory believes that Streoneshalh is named after Eadric Streona. However, the belief has been rejected due to various reasons such as the building was constructed before Streona was born several hundred years ago.

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey Facts 5: Cædmon

Have you ever heard about Cædmon? He was the famous poet from Northumbria who lived in this double monastery for Celtic nuns and monks in 614 until 680.

Whitby Abbey Facts 6: the desolation

Streoneshalch was in the state of desolation for more than 200 years when Ingwar and Ubba controlled the area. In 867 until 870, the successive raids were conducted by the Danes.

Whitby Abbey Facts

Whitby Abbey Facts

Whitby Abbey Facts 7: the new name

Streoneshalch was called Hwitebi or Prestebi after a monk named Reinfrid went to the building. Once, he was a soldier of William the Conqueror. In Old Norse, the term means white settlement. Get facts about Twin Towers here.

Whitby Abbey Facts 8: in the state of ruins

It was in the state of ruins after Dissolution of the Monasteries was enacted by Henry VIII.

Whitby Abbey Pictures

Whitby Abbey Pictures

Whitby Abbey Facts 9: a notable landmark

Even though Whitby Abbey is only a ruined Benedictine abbey, it earns an important status. Do you know that Bram Stoker was inspired to write Dracula because of the abbey?

Whitby Abbey Facts 10: the prominent burial

The prominent burial, which took place in Whitby Abbey, include the fifth Baron Pearcy Sir Richard de Percy, the first Baron Percy    Sir William de Percy and Oswiu of Northumbria.

facts about Whitby Abbey

facts about Whitby Abbey

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