10 Interesting Shanghai Tower Facts

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Shanghai Tower Facts tell you about the famous skyscraper in Shanghai, China. This tower takes the record as the tallest of three adjacent buildings in Pudong. Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower are the other tallest buildings. Gensler designed Shanghai Tower. If you are interested to know the height, feature and architectural design of Shanghai Tower, check the following post below:

Shanghai Tower Facts 1: the height, floor area and stories

Shanghai Tower has 128 stories. It has the height of 2,073 feet or 632 meters. The total floor area for Shanghai Tower is 4,090,000 sq ft or 380,000 m2.

Shanghai Tower Facts 2: the opening

It is expected that Shanghai Tower will be opened for public in the mid 2015. The main point of this tower lies of the sustainability as well as the energy efficiency. The tower will be used for leisure, office and retails.

Shanghai Tower Facts

Shanghai Tower Facts

Shanghai Tower Facts 3: the construction time

In November 2008, the construction of Shanghai Tower was started in China. On 3 August 2013, the construction reached its topping. Get facts about Leaning Tower of Pisa here.

Shanghai Tower Facts 4: the record

Even though Shanghai Tower is supertall, it can only take the second position of the tallest building in the world. The first tallest building in the world is taken by Burj Khalifa in Dubai. In China, Shanghai Tower is the tallest building.

Shanghai Tower Top

Shanghai Tower Top

Shanghai Tower Facts 5: the tallest structure

Shanghai Tower is not only the tallest building in China, but also the tallest structure in the country. It takes over the record of Canton Tower in Guangzhou which only has 1,969 foot or 600 meter tall.

Shanghai Tower Facts 6: Ping an Finance Centre

Ping a Finance Centre will take over the record of Shanghai Tower as the tallest building in China when the construction is finished in 2016.  This building is located in Shenzhen. It has the height at 2,170 feet or 660 meters. Find out modern China facts here.

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower Facts 7: Gensler

Gensler was the designer of the Shanghai Tower. It is an architectural firm from America. The leader of the design team was a Chinese architect named Jun Xia.

Shanghai Tower Facts 8: the nine cylindrical building

The Shanghai Tower is famous with its nine cylindrical forms.  You can find an atrium which has restaurants, cafes, retail space and garden on each area.

Facts about Shanghai Tower

Facts about Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Tower Facts 9: the transparent façade

Another unique feature in Shanghai Tower is the transparent façade. To reduce the heat absorption, it features the highly reflective glass.

Shanghai Tower Facts 10: the visitors

Shanghai Tower can accommodate around 16,000 people every single day.

Shanghai Tower Height

Shanghai Tower Height

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