10 Interesting the Summer Palace Facts

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One of the most prominent recreational parks and popular tourist destinations in China is explained on The Summer Palace Facts. Have you ever visited the palace before? It contains palaces, gardens and lakes. The location of Summer Palace is in Beijing, China. It spans on the area of 1.1 square miles or 2.9 square km. The main features in Summer Palace include Kunming Lake and Longevity Hill. The water in the palace occupies around three quarter of the total area. Here are other interesting facts about the Summer Palace below:

The Summer Palace Facts 1: the height of the Longevity Hill

The height of the longevity Hill is measured at 200 feet or 60 meter. There are various buildings that you can spot here. The people love it due to the amazing natural beauty with the back hill, pavilions and fantastic halls.

The Summer Palace Facts 2: Kunming Lake

Another famous attraction in Summer Palace is the Kunming Lake. This man-made lake spans on the area of 540 acres or 2.2 square km. The soil from the excavation of Kunming Lake was applied to establish the Longevity Hill.

the summer palace beauty

the summer palace beauty

The Summer Palace Facts 3: World Heritage

Summer Palace reflected the masterpiece of landscape garden design of China based on the point of view of UNESCO. That’s why it made to the list of World Heritage in December 1998.

The Summer Palace Facts 4: the features of Summer Palace

The artificial features found in Summer Palace include temples, halls, palaces, bridges and pavilions. You can also spot the beautiful open water as well as the natural hill landscape. Get facts about Buckingham Palace here.

the summer palace pictures

the summer palace pictures

The Summer Palace Facts 5: the history of Summer Palace

The history of Summer Palace could be traced back in 1153 during the Jin dynasty. Wanyan Liang commissioned the construction of a palace located in the northwest of Beijing at Jade Spring Hill and Fragrant Hills.

The Summer Palace Facts 6: islands in Kunming Lake

Zhijingge Island, Zaojiantang Island and Nanhu Island are the three islands located in Kunming Lake. The lake is divided in two sections by the West Dam. Check facts about Hampton Court Palace here.

the summer palace

the summer palace

The Summer Palace Facts 7: the attractions

There are 6 distinctive attractions that you can find in Summer Palace. They include the Central Axis area, the Long Corridor, the Halls, the Farming and Weaving Picture Scenic Area, Kunming Lake, and Longevity Hill.

The Summer Palace Facts 8: the entrance

If you are interested to visit Summer Palace, you need to reach the primary entrance. That’s Eastern Palace Gate.

the summer palace pic

the summer palace pic

The Summer Palace Facts 9: the halls

The court activities were conducted in Hall of Benevolence and Longevity. During the era of Qianlong Emperor, the hall was called Hall of Good Governance.

The Summer Palace Facts 10: Hall of Jade Billows

The west side of Hall of Benevolence and Longevity sits Hall of Jade Billows.

the summer palace facts

the summer palace facts

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