10 Interesting Buckingham Palace Facts

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Buckingham Palace Facts present the information about the London residence of the monarch of United Kingdom. There are various royal hospitality and state events conducted in Buckingham palace.  The location of the palace is within the city of Westminster. In the past, people recognized this palace as Buckingham House. Check other interesting facts about Buckingham Palace below:

Buckingham Palace Facts 1: the core building

In 1703, the large townhouse was established at the palace for Duke of Buckingham. It is the present day core building. In 1761, King George III acquired the property.

Buckingham Palace Facts 2: the Queen’s House

Buckingham Palace was called The Queen’s House when it was used as the private residence of Queen Charlotte. Find facts about Hampton Court Palace here.

Buckingham Palace Fantastic

Buckingham Palace Fantastic

Buckingham Palace Facts 3: the enlargement

John Nash and Edward Blore were the architects who enlarged the property in 19th century. The central of courtyard was decorated with three wings.

Buckingham Palace Facts 4: Queen Victoria

In 1837, Queen Victoria used Buckingham Palace as the residence of British monarch. Find facts about Big Ben here.

Buckingham Palace in Pink

Buckingham Palace in Pink

Buckingham Palace Facts 5: the rooms

Do you know that Buckingham Palace has more than 770 rooms? The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh are supported by various staffs in the palace.

Buckingham Palace Facts 6: the artistic palace

When you see the Buckingham Palace, you will be impressed with different kinds of art here. The works of Vermeer and Rembrandt can be found in the museum.

Buckingham Palace Interior

Buckingham Palace Interior

Buckingham Palace Facts 7: the public opening

The people can enjoy the view inside the Buckingham Palace because the state rooms are open for public in January, December, September and August.

Buckingham Palace Facts 8: the measurement of Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace has the floor space at 830,000 square feet or 77,000 meter square.

Buckingham Palace Luxury

Buckingham Palace Luxury

Buckingham Palace Facts 9: Guard Room

You can find the white marble statues of Queen Victorian and Prince Albert in the Guard Room. This room is open for public per summer even though it is considered as a very formal room. The room is mostly shown for official entertainment and ceremonial purpose. There is no need to wonder that it is one of the beautiful palaces in the world.

Buckingham Palace Facts 10: presentation of débutantes

During the reign of Edward VII, there was a court presentation of debutantes. They were the young ladies who came from the aristocratic family. The occasion was used to represent their coming to the society. This occasion was abolished by the queen in 1958. It was altered into a garden party.

Buckingham Palace Facts

Buckingham Palace Facts

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