10 Interesting Medieval Castle Facts

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Medieval Castle Facts explain about the buildings for the nobles and kings. Most castles can be found on the top of the hills. They serve not only as a home but also as a defensive wall from the enemies. Only nobles and rich people had castles. Here are facts about medieval castles for you:

Medieval Castle Facts 1: function of the medieval castle

The main function of medieval castle is to defend the land that the king, lords or nobles have from the attack of the enemies.  The castles will be built at the center of the land that they own.

Medieval Castle Facts 2: materials to create medieval castle

The main materials of medieval castles were timber and wood. But to make them stronger, the medieval castles are created from stone.

Medieval Castle Facts

Medieval Castle Facts

Medieval Castle Facts 3: the site of medieval castles

As I have stated before, the medieval castles are built on the top of a hill.  You can also see natural features such as cliff and trees alongside the castles. The strong stones on the castles are great enough to defend from the attack the enemies.

Medieval Castle Facts 4: features of the castles

There are several features that you can find on medieval castles.  Some of them include the keep, moat, curtain wall, battlements, gatehouse and arrow slits.

Medieval Castle Image

Medieval Castle Image

Medieval Castle Facts 5: Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle is one of the famous medieval castles in the world.  After William the Conqueror became the king of England, he built the Windsor castle. Today, the castle is still used by the English royal people.

Medieval Castle Facts 6: Tower of London

In 1066, the tower of London was built. This tower is not only served as a royal palace, but also as a treasury, prison and armory.

Medieval Castle Pic

Medieval Castle Pic

Medieval Castle Facts 7: Malbork Castle

Malbork Castle was built by Teutonic Knights in 1274 in Poland. Based on the surface area, Malbork castle is called as the largest castle in the world.

Medieval Castle Facts 8: Hohensalzburg Castle

Hohensalzburg Castle was built in 1077 at the top of Austrian hill. At the end of 15th century, the castle was expanded.

Medieval Castle on Hill

Medieval Castle on Hill

Medieval Castle Facts 9: other castles

Other examples of castles in medieval Europe include Leeds Castle, Spis Castle, Chateau Gaillard and Cite de Carcassonne. Find out more facts about medieval Europe here.

Medieval Castle Facts 10: Cats and dogs

Cats and dogs are the important pets that people will have in a castle. They can keep the rats away from the castles.

Medieval Castle

Medieval Castle

The most important tool to attack castles is siege engines. It includes catapult, battering ram, and ballista and siege tower. Are you fascinated with facts about medieval castle?

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