10 Interesting Rochester Castle Facts

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Rochester Castle Facts tell you about the famous castle in Rochester, Kent. It is situated 29 miles east of London.  If you are interested to know the castle, don’t forget to check out the gift shops. You can buy some presents for your friends and family at home. Let’s find out the history of Rochester Castle by reading the following post below:

Rochester Castle Facts 1: the Normans

The Normans built their first castle located in Rochester after the great victory of Battle of Hastings in 1066. Bishop Odo controlled the castle.  He was the half brother of William the Conqueror. The castle was made only from wood at first. Get facts about Battle of Hastings here.

Rochester Castle Facts 2: the stonework

Rochester Castle featured the stonework after Bishop of Rochester; Gundulf. He did it in the end of 12th century.

Rochester Castle Painting

Rochester Castle Painting

Rochester Castle Facts 3: Archbishop of Canterbury

Archbishop of Canterbury was gifted with Rochester Castle by King Henry I in 1127. To make the Rochester Castle could stand well until this present day, the Archbishop William de Corbeila applied the large stone keep.

Rochester Castle Facts 4: the military action

During the First Baron’s War, this Rochester castle was captured by Baronial forces. They could only keep the castle from King John for more than seven weeks.

Rochester Castle Pic

Rochester Castle Pic

Rochester Castle Facts 5: another capture

Prince Louis of France captured Rochester Castle from King John in 1216.  But the castle was returned to King John. Get facts about King John here.

Rochester Castle Facts 6: The Second Baron’s War

During the Second Baron’s War, Simon de Monfort had a victory when he attacked Rochester Castle in 1264.

Rochester Castle, Kent

Rochester Castle, Kent

Rochester Castle Facts 7: Peasant’s Revolt

The castle once again was captured and attacked in 1381 in The Peasant’s Revolt. After the last damages on the castle,   Rochester Castle was not used again as a military fortress.

Rochester Castle Facts 8: the damages

There were some parts of Rochester Castle damaged in 17th and 18th century. Even though the castle is in ruined condition, people are still impressed.  In the past, the stones that people could find in the outer wall of the castle were sold.



Rochester Castle Facts 9: the story

Why don’t you check out The Pickwick Papers and The Mystery of Edwin Drood by Charles Dickens? It featured Rochester Castle.

Rochester Castle Facts 10: the tourism

Rochester Castle is a part of a tourism objects in Great Britain. Visit it during your holiday.

Rochester Castle Facts

Rochester Castle Facts

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