10 Interesting the Roman Baths Facts

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The Roman Baths Facts inform the readers about a site of bath complex located in Bath, an English city. The complex serves as a public bathing during the Roman era. Today, the complex is still well preserved. If you visit the city of Bath, there will be four features to find in the complex. You can spot the Museum, which preserves the items of the Roman Bath, the Roman Bath House, the Roman Temple and the Sacred Spring. Let us check other interesting facts about the Roman Baths below:

The Roman Baths Facts 1: the buildings

In 19th century, the Roman constructed the building above the street elevation. Get facts about the Roman Army here.

The Roman Baths Facts 2: tourism

Tourism is flourished in the Roman Baths. It is visited by at least a million people every year since they want to see the Roman Baths and Grand Pump Room.

the roman bath

the roman bath

The Roman Baths Facts 3: entering the water

Even though the Roman Baths are open for public visitors, they cannot enter the water. The depth of the baths is around 8,900 to 14,100 feet or 2,700 to 4,300 m.

The Roman Baths Facts 4: the temperature

The temperature of water in Roman Baths is increased during the geothermal energy. It has the temperature around 156.2 to 204.8 degrees F or 69 to 96 degrees C.

the roman baths facts

the roman baths facts

The Roman Baths Facts 5: the goddess of Sulis

The Romans identified the goddess Sulis believed by the Celts as Minerva. Actually, the Celts were the first persons who established the shrine at the area of the hot springs.

The Roman Baths Facts 6: king Bladud

King Bladud from Britain established the first Moorish baths in the spring after it was discovered in 836 BC.

the Roman Baths Image

the Roman Baths Image

The Roman Baths Facts 7: the curse tables

There have been 130 curse tablets discovered around the baths. Most curses are associated with the thefts of clothes.

The Roman Baths Facts 8: the modifications

Roman Baths were changed in some periods. A new bath called as the Queen’s Bath was established on the south of the Hot Spring in 16th century.

the roman baths pic

the roman baths pic

The Roman Baths Facts 9: the today’s spring

The building designed by a father and son called John Wood the Elder and John Wood the Younger is the home to the spring today. The building was traced back in 18th century.  Get facts about the Parthenon here.

The Roman Baths Facts 10: Grand Pump Room

Grand Pump Room is also a popular attraction for the water in the area can be drunk by the visitors.

the roman bath facts

the roman bath facts

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