10 Interesting the Twin Towers Facts

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The Twin Towers Facts talk about the featured landmark located at World Trade Center. On 4th April 1973, Twin Towers were opened for the first time. During the September 11 attacks, the building was destroyed. There were several building located at the large complex of World Trade Center. The location of Twin Towers was in Lower Manhattan, New York City. Let us find out other useful facts about Twin Towers below:

The Twin Towers Facts 1:  the tallest buildings in the world

Twin Towers were called as the tallest buildings in the world at the time of their completion. The height of the first World Trade Center was 417 meter or 1,368 feet. The second World Trade Center was 415 meter or 1,362 feet.

The Twin Towers Facts 2: the other buildings in the complex

Besides the Twin Towers, there were other five buildings in the complex. They were the 3 WTC, 4 WTC, 5 WTC, 6 WTC, and 7 WTC. The third one was called Marriot World Trade Center.

the twin towers facts

the twin towers facts

The Twin Towers Facts 3:  the construction

In 1975 until 1985, the third to seventh buildings in WTC were constructed. Read facts about the Roman Baths here.

The Twin Towers Facts 4: the office space

The office space of World Trade Center covered the area of 1,240,000 meter square or 13,400,000 square feet.

the twin towers image

the twin towers image

The Twin Towers Facts 5: fire, bombing and robbery

On 14th January 1998, a robbery took place in World Trade Center. On 26 February 1993, it was bombed. On 13th February 1975, it had a fire.

The Twin Towers Facts 6: terrorism

When talking about twin towers, people recall the act of terrorism conducted by the Al-Qaeda.

the twin towers

the twin towers

The Twin Towers Facts 7: the hijackers

Two Boeing 767 jets were hijacked by Al-Qaeda to hit the complex of World Trade Center on the morning of 11th September 2001. Get facts about the statue of Zeus at Olympia here.

The Twin Towers Facts 8: the collapse of North Tower

The North Tower was hit at 8:46 am. It collapsed at 10:28 am. It was 102 minutes after the tower was hit by the airplane.

the twin towers us

the twin towers us

The Twin Towers Facts 9: the collapse of South Tower

The South Tower was hit by the plane at 9:30 am. It collapsed at 9:59 am.

The Twin Towers Facts 10: the victims

The act of terrorism in the World Trade Center killed 2,606 people.

facts about the twin towers

facts about the twin towers


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