10 Interesting the Tasmanian devil Facts

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The Tasmanian Devil Facts entice the readers with the unique animal native to Tasmania. It is an Australian state. The scientific name of this animal is Sarcophilus harrisii. It is included in the family Dasyuridae. If you are interested to find Tasmanian devil, you need to go to the wild areas of Australia. The size of this carnivorous marsupial reminds you with a small dog. Let us get other interesting facts about the Tasmanian devil below:

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 1: the thylacine

The thylacine is the Tasmanian tiger. It is also a marsupial, which has a close relation Tasmanian devil. The latter one earns the status as the largest carnivorous marsupial for the Tasmanian tiger is thought to be extinct since 1936.

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 2: the characteristics

Can you guess the characteristics of Tasmanian devil?  When it feeds, it has high level of ferocity. The smelling sense is keen. The body is muscular and stocky. It has disturbing and loud screech. The odor is pungent.

tasmanian devils

tasmanian devils

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 3: the bites

Be careful with the bites of Tasmanian devil for they are strong. The neck and head are large enough to produce the strongest bites.

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 4: living around human beings

When Tasmanian devil lives around human settlements, they can be found eating the household products.

tasmanian devil

tasmanian devil

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 5: the unique abilities

Tasmanian devils have the unique abilities, which may surprise you. Do you know that it can swim in the river? Climbing a tree is very t do for Tasmanian devil is a marsupial. It also has amazing endurance. The speed of Tasmanian devil is also impressive.

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 6: migration

It was believed that the migration of Tasmanian took place 10,000 million years ago to reach Australia from South America.

tasmanian devil skeleton

tasmanian devil skeleton

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 7: the extinction of Tasmanian devil from mainland Australia

There is no exact reason why Tasmanian devil is extinct from the Australian mainland. However, dingoes are considered as the cause for those animals are not available in Tasmania. Get facts about tadpole here.

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 8: the reproduction process

The competitive reproduction process is spotted on the Tasmanian devils. The males will fights to get the females. The infidelity is prevented by guarding their partner.

facts about tasmanian devil

facts about tasmanian devil

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 9: the ovulation

During the mating season, the female may conduct the ovulation 3 times. Check also facts about the Tasmanian tiger here.

Interesting the Tasmanian Devil Facts 10: the gestation

The gestation period of Tasmanian devil is around 3 weeks.

Are you interested reading facts about the Tasmanian devil?

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