10 Interesting Beluga Whale Facts

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Beluga whale facts present information about one of the interesting underwater animals. It is so easy to identify the beluga whale shark. You just have to note on the globular head and stark white coloring on its body. The animals can be seen in pod because they are considered as sociable animal. A pod of the beluga whale can consists of hundred whales. They usually will go for a trip to reach Churchill, Canada. Here are some facts to realize about beluga whale facts:

Beluga Whale Facts 1: The Most Vocal Whales

There are many species for whales that you can learn. However, beluga whales are considered as the most vocal one. Many people call the animal as sea canaries.

Beluga Whale Facts 2: Monodontidae Family

Beluga whale is included in Monodontidae family. It has a close relation with whale. Both of them are the only member of Monodontidae family.

Beluga Whale Facts

Beluga Whale Facts

Beluga Whale Facts 3: Diving Time

When beluga whales dive under the water, they can last for about 25 minutes. The depth that they can reach for diving under water is around 800 meters. Anotehr diving animal is seen in great white shark facts.

Beluga Whale Facts 4: Name for Beluga Whales

The name for these animals is derived from Russian word.  Beluga is coming from bielo. It means white. When the whale is in the age of 8 years, their body will turn in white color. When they were born, they have dark gray color.

Beluga Whale Kissing

Beluga Whale Kissing

Beluga Whale Facts 5: Swimming Ability

Not all of underwater animals can swim backward. Beluga whale is one for the animals which can do it well. The animal with swimming ability is also explained in orca whale facts.

Beluga Whale Facts 6: Bulbous Forehead

The main feature found on beluga whale is located on bulbous forehead.  Many people call it as melon.  The shape for this melon can be adjusted when beluga whale blows air from it sinuses.

Beluga Whale with Kid

Beluga Whale with Kid

Beluga Whale Facts 7: Captive Beluga Whale

It seems that captive beluga whale is fond with human being. In 2009, a distressed participant in a free diving competition was rescued by a captive beluga whale. She was pushed by the whale into the surface.

Beluga Whale Facts 8: Dorsal Fins

Dorsal fins are not found in beluga whale, just like its counterpart, arctic whale. However, both animals have a tough dorsal ridge and a thick layer of bubbler.

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale

Beluga Whale Facts 9: Beluga Neck

The beluga neck gives unusual appearance for this animal. The ability to run the head side by side and up and down is so unique because the vertebrate in their neck is not fused.

Beluga Whale Facts 10: Threat of Beluga Whale

Beluga whale population is decreased because of several threats such as hunting, climate change, urban pollution, pollution and oil and gas development. The best known predators who like to kill beluga whales include killer whales and polar whales.

Beluga Whales

Beluga Whales

The favorite menu for beluga whales include shrimp, whitefish, herring, salmon, mussels, rainbow sole, tomcod, octopus, smelt, arctic cod, eulachon, and saffron. Are you interested to find out more on facts about Beluga whales?

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