10 Interesting Raccoon Facts

Monday, October 7th 2013. | Animals

Raccoon facts inform the readers about one of the unique animal in the world. This animal is nocturnal. It can be seen living in North American continent. It is included in the genus of Procyon lotor. It has a close relationship with a bear even though raccoon has a smaller size. Many people call raccoon as a coon for its short name. Look at the complete facts about raccoon on the following post below:

Raccoon Facts 1: Physical Appearance

The physical appearance of raccoon is characterized with a full and long tail.  The body has the color of black, white or gray. Look at the area around the eyes of raccoon. You can see a mask like marking. It comes in black patches.

Raccoon Facts 2: Nocturnal Animal

As I have stated before raccoon is included as a nocturnal animal. It can be seen active during the right and less active during the day.

Raccoon Cute

Raccoon Cute

Raccoon Facts 3: Water

Even though raccoon lives on the land, it loves water so much.

Raccoon Facts 4: Face

The unique thing seen on raccoon is located on the face. The shape is unique. It looks like a muzzle tapered down to a point. Find out the unique feature of animal in Tasmanian devil facts.

Raccoon Facts

Raccoon Facts

Raccoon Facts 5: Sounds

Raccoon can produce several types of sounds to communicate. They can hiss, growl, whistle, whinny, purr, or even scream.

Raccoon Facts 6: Group of Raccoon

If you want to call a group of raccoon you can use the word nursery. The animals can live around 10 years in the wild area. They can be seen in populated area or even wilderness.



Raccoon Facts 7: Diet

The favorite meals of raccoon include insects, nuts, fruits, garbage, reptiles, and crops. They have the height around 41 till 72 cm without the tail. The weight is around 46 lbs. If you have a raccoon as a pet, ensure that you have it vaccinated. The animals are prone to rabies even though the case is rare.

Raccoon Facts 8: Intelligent Animal

Raccoon is included as one of the intelligent animals in the world. It has a good memory.

Raccoon's Face

Raccoon’s Face

Raccoon Facts 9: Mating Season

The mating season of raccoon begins at the end of January to mid-March. The female raccoon only generates one litter in a year.  It consists of 4 to 5 kits. Get more ideas about Chinchilla facts here.

Raccoon Facts 10: Paws

The paws of raccoon are strong and manipulative.  A thin horny layer is seen to protect the paws.  If you have a raccoon at home, ensure that you can keep it away from the expensive property because their paws can cause damage.

Small Raccoon

Small Raccoon

The main physical problem that a raccoon always face is the infection caused by roundworm. It usually infects the face of raccoon.  The baby raccoons are called as kits or cubs. A collective name for the animal is gaze or nursery. What do you think on facts about raccoon?

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