10 Interesting the Tasmanian Tiger Facts

Friday, November 25th 2016. | Animals

The Tasmanian Tiger Facts impress the readers with the detail information about the largest known carnivorous marsupial. Thylacinus cynocephalus is the binomial name for this thylacine. People often called it as Tasmanian wolf or Tasmanian tiger. The experts believed that the extinction of Tasmanian tiger took place in 20th century.  The marsupial was originated from New Guinea, Tasmania and Australia. Here are other interesting facts about the Tasmanian tiger:

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 1: the characteristics of Tasmanian tigers

The characteristics of Tasmanian tiger are seen from the surviving evidence. It was a nocturnal animal where it became active when the dark hours came. The physical appearance reminds you with a dog. Talking about the body size, it has medium to large body. The top of its back featured the dark stripes. They were shy. Look at facts about tadpole here.

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 2: the apex predators

The common name for thylacine is the Tasmanian tiger or Tasmanian wolf. This animal was included as an apex predator just like wolf and tiger. Actually, the thylacine was not related with them for it was a marsupial.

the tasmanian tiger skulls

the tasmanian tiger skulls

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 3: the close relationship

The Tasmanian tiger does not have any close relationship with wolves or even tigers. It is closely related to Tasmanian devil.

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 4: a pouch

Both sexes of Tasmanian tigers owned a pouch. There are only two marsupials, which have a pouch in male and female. The water opossum is the other one.

the tasmanian tiger

the tasmanian tiger

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 5: the extinct

Before the British settled on Australia, it was very rare for the people to spot Tasmanian tiger. Probably, it had been extinct.

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 6: the cause of the extinction

The extinction of Tasmanian tiger is caused by the intensive hunting. However, the other factors like human encroachment, the introduction dogs and disease may affect the survival of the marsupial.

the tasmanian tiger facts

the tasmanian tiger facts

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 7: the comparison

When seeing the body of thylacine, the people often compare it with hyena.

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 8: the coat color

The coat color of thylacine is yellow to brown tone. The back, base of the tail and rump feature the unique dark stripes.

the tasmanian tiger image

the tasmanian tiger image

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 9: the faded stripes

When thylacine grew older, the stripes faded away. They looked pronounced on the younger thylacine. Check facts about the Kakapo here.

The Tasmanian tiger Facts 10: the body hair

The texture of the body hair was soft and dense. It had the length of 0.6 inches.

the tasmanian tiger pic

the tasmanian tiger pic

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