10 Interesting Tadpole facts

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Let me inform you with a life cycle of an amphibian by checking tadpole facts.  Another name for tadpole is a pollywog. Tadpole is the larval stage of amphibians like toads or frogs. Most tadpoles live in the water.  However, the terrestrial ones are spotted in some species.  Get the complete details of tadpole below:

Tadpole facts 1: the body of tadpole

Tadpole has the more of less globular body when it hatches from the egg. It has external or internal gills along with a compressed tail.

Tadpole facts 2: metamorphosis

Tadpole will experience the metamorphosis when it grows. The tail will be reabsorbed, while the lungs are developed during the process. Additionally, the limbs are grown.

tadpole 10 days

tadpole 10 days

Tadpole facts 3: the herbivorous creature

Tadpole is not carnivorous. Most of them are herbivorous. Plants and algae are the common types of diet for tadpole. When they reach adulthood during the metamorphosis, they will develop the carnivorous lifestyle. They will have the rearranged and developed internal organs and mouth. Read facts about star nose mole here.

Tadpole facts 4: the fossils of tadpole

It is believed that there is no fossil of tadpole due to the absence of hard parts in their body.



Tadpole facts 5: foods

Some regions in the world have tadpoles as their food. Tadpole is not a new thing in the world for it has been used in ancient Egyptian numerals and folk tales.

Tadpole facts 6: what is tadpole?

Thoropa miliaris and Indirana beddomii are the two examples of semi-terrestrial tadpoles. It means that they live in both the water and land.  Most of them are aquatic or living in the water. The examples of the terrestrial tadpoles are Adenomera andreae and Indirana semipalmata.

tadpole pictures

tadpole pictures

Tadpole facts 7:  the respiration process

The respiration process of tadpole is conducted by using the internal or external gills.

Tadpole facts 8: the legs and arms

When tadpole is fully developed into adulthoods, it will have legs and arms. The size of tadpole is varied. The largest one is tadpole of Pseudis paradoxa. It has the size of 9.8 inches or 25 cm.

tadpole pic

tadpole pic

Tadpole facts 9: swimming

Tadpole applies the lateral undulation when they swim in the water.  The tail is large and flattened to help the creature swimming.

Tadpole facts 10: the final stage

The change of mouth is spotted from small enclosed into large mouth during the final stage of metamorphosis. Check facts about the pink river dolphin here.


tadpole facts

tadpole facts

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