10 Interesting Animal Rights Facts

Saturday, June 22nd 2013. | Animals

Animal rights facts give you the full understanding about the movement. Many people misunderstand the function of animal right. There are many myths used to fight against the animal right activist all of over the world. Let me present you the right facts to note.

Animal Rights Facts 1: Compassion

You are wrong if you think that animal right activists love the animal more than loving people.  The truth is that the circle of compassion of animal right activists has been expanded by loving the non-human being too. They love people and care about animals. When you are involved with animal right activists, there are many issues that they want to cover such as married equality, feminism, poverty and hunger. Read enviromental facts for other infos.

Animal Rights Facts 2: Leather Shoes

Many people believe that animal activists fight against the use fur, while at the same time they wear leather shoes. You need to check whether the leather shoes worn by the activists are genuine or fake. There are many leather shoes made from synthetic material. It will be hard to define.

Animal Rights Facts

Animal Rights Facts

Animal Rights Facts 3: All Animal Protection

Animal right activists not only care about cute animals like puppies, cat, panda and koala. The activists apply it to other animals whether they are tame or wild animal. They are often ridiculed by people when fighting against the animal’s right for chicken, flies, fish and other non-cute animals. Check kitten facts to know more about cute animals.

Animal Rights Facts 4: Veganism

It is no true that animal right activists eat meat, chicken and other animals. The truth is that the real activists are vegetarian. They do not hunt or buy meat on the supermarket.

Animal Rights Motto

Animal Rights Motto

Animal Rights Facts 5: PETA

One of the biggest movements on animal right is seen on PETA.  However, it is not true that all movements are centered on PETA. There are many other animal organizations in the world.

Animal Rights Facts 6: Terrorists

Some people consider that animal right activists are terrorists because they tend to use the violent ways to force the people follow their movement. It is not true at all because not all of them present the same approach.

Animal Rights Slogan

Animal Rights Slogan

Animal Rights Facts 7: Killing Cows

The myth arouses when it comes about killing the cows. Some people state that animal right activists concern more about the hunting of whales other than cows.  The truth is that killing cows and whales are opposed by animal right activists.  However, blue whale is considered as the endangered animal and raises more concern among people.

Animal Rights Facts 8: Animal Right Activist’s Personality

You are totally wrong if you think that all animal right activists are urban, educated and white. The background of animal activists does not determined by race, education, ethnicity, class and gender.

Animal Rights

Animal Rights

Animal Rights Facts 9: Pets

It is not true to stay that the animal right activists want to take away your pets. Keeping a pet at home is the right thing to conduct if you look after them well.

Animal Rights Facts 10: Hitler

Many controversies arouses whether Hitler is a vegan or not. Some writers stated that he was a vegetarian while others stated that he ate liver, ham and caviar.



Animal right activists want you to realize that it is great to save animal by being vegetarian. It gives you more benefits. You can lower the risk of having serious diseases. Are you concerned with facts about animal rights?

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