10 Interesting Poodle Facts

Tuesday, November 11th 2014. | Animals

Poodle Facts provide the information about a unique dog breed in the world.  Many people pay attention when you walk with your poodle on the street. The fur is cute and nice. Even though this animal is very cute, it has high intelligence. You can train the poodle to learn many kinds of tricks. If you think that the dog is very stupid, you are wrong. You should never judge the book from its cover. The appearance of poodle can deceive their intelligence. Check out more facts about poodle here:

Poodle Facts 1: giving enough time for the poodle

This poodle is a good for the people who live alone. This animal will like to pay with you. A poodle does not like to be alone. They want to do various activities with the master.

Poodle Facts 2: the coat

If you check out the coat of poodle, you must be impressed if it is filled with a lot of long hair. You need to know that the hair will never stop growing. The animals have the water resistant coat which enables them to swim for a long time. Check other breeds in dog facts.

Poodle Black

Poodle Black

Poodle Facts 3: life span

A poodle can live around 13 to 16 years.

Poodle Facts 4: training

If you want to have a poodle, it is better for you to pick the one at younger age. It will be easy for you to train it from the childhood. Training the poodle is not easy but you can do it if you have courage.

Poodle Facts

Poodle Facts

Poodle Facts 5: retrievers

During the water game, you can spot this animal retrieving. Therefore, it is called as one of the retrievers in the world. Due to this ability, poodles become a good hunter too. Look at golden retriever facts here.

Poodle Facts 6: swimming ability

Another ability which can impress you is the swimming ability. They have amazing swimming skill.

Poodle Pic

Poodle Pic

Poodle Facts 7: The Best Dog

Poodle was selected as the Best Dog in 1991 in a TV show. The Kennel Club held the event and selected the poodle as the winner of the show.

Poodle Facts 8: nickname

Do you know the nickname of poodle in France? Many people often call it Caniche. The animals are included as the National Dogs of France.

Poodle White

Poodle White

Poodle Facts 9: origin

Can you tell me the origin of poodle? It came from Germany.

Poodle Facts 10: social animal

Poodle likes to hang out and socialize with the master. If you do not spend a lot of time at home, your poodle will have lack of attention. It can make it stressful.



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