10 Interesting Goblin Shark Facts

Tuesday, February 25th 2014. | Animals

Goblin Shark facts are the valuable sources for the people who want to know much about the marine animal living underwater. Many people call this marine animal as a vampire shark. Find out the interesting information about the animal below:

Goblin Shark Facts 1: place of living

Many goblin sharks live under water. They pick the deepest part of the ocean to live. As I have stated before, this shark is called as the vampire shark because it does not want to be exposed with sunlight. Some goblin sharks cannot see using their eyes.

Goblin Shark Facts 2: habitat

Many goblin sharks can be found living in the Gulf of Mexico, coast of Japan, Atlantic Ocean, and Pacific Ocean.

Goblin Shark Alien

Goblin Shark Alien

Goblin Shark Facts 3: low number of goblin sharks

Many people believe that the number of goblin sharks is very low. Actually they should be included on the protective list. However, people are not sure about the life of goblin shark due to deepest ocean habitat. The animals only have their senses when they want to catch the prey.

Goblin Shark Facts 4: shape

Talking about the shape of Goblin shark, it is very unique. It is different with all sharks that you find on the ocean. The people who have seen this shark state that it comes in the disfigured and disabled shape.

Goblin Shark Anatomy

Goblin Shark Anatomy

Goblin Shark Facts 5: food

All realize that Goblin sharks live at the bottom of the ocean. So what do they eat to survive? Goblins sharks eat the animals living under the ocean too. Those include crabs, mollusk, squid, and sting rays.

Goblin Shark Facts 6: liver

Most sharks have a very large liver. It makes goblins shark eat occasionally.

Goblin Shark Facts

Goblin Shark Facts

Goblin Shark Facts 7: attacking the prey

Goblin shark has a unique behavior when attacking the prey. They will use a rapid sucking motion to eat and catch the prey underwater. Their jaws are very sharp to suck and eat the prey.

Goblin Shark Facts 8: unique appearance

Many people are impressed with the shape and appearance of hammerhead sharks. But you will be amazed when seeing the picture of goblin sharks. The animal is pinkish white belly with pale grey color.

Goblin Shark Underwater

Goblin Shark Underwater

Goblin Shark Facts 9: blood vessels

The blood vessels   of goblin shark can be seen clearly through his body because this animal has transparent body.

Goblin Shark Facts10: reproduction

You will be a bit disappointed to find out that goblin shark reproduction is not well observed by the scientists. Those animals live deep underwater.

Goblin Shark

Goblin Shark

Goblin shark has the conservation status of the least concern. It is means that this animal is not in danger. Do you have any opinion on facts about Goblin Shark?

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