10 Interesting Hawk Facts

Tuesday, March 18th 2014. | Animals

Hawk facts give the detail information about the strong bird in the world. To eat their food, the hawks will use the hooked beaks.  It will be easily for them to cut the food using the beaks. Find out other facts about hawks by reading the following post below:

Hawk Facts 1: killing the prey

Even though hawks are only a bird, they are very powerful. You can see the scale covered feet. They can be used to kill the prey easily. The sharp talons on the feet can grab and kill the prey.

Hawk Facts 2: eyesight

Just like any other birds in the world, the eyesight of a hawk is very wonderful. Compared to human beings, it has 8 times better eyesight. You can also see that hawks are capable to differentiate colors.

Hawk Eyes

Hawk Eyes

Hawk Facts 3: diurnal animal

I can say that most hawks are diurnal animals. It means that they are very active during the day. However, there are some other hawks considered as crepuscular animals. It means that they are very active in the morning and at dusk.

Hawk Facts 4: speed

The speed of a hawk is awesome. Some hawks such as golden eagles and peregrine falcon can reach the speed of 200 miles per hour when they want to catch the prey.

Hawk Facts

Hawk Facts

Hawk Facts 5: eyes

Hawk has a unique location of eyes. They can be found on the head. Therefore, you do not need to wonder if hawks can have 280 degree of eyesight.

Hawk Facts 6: migration

Migration occurred in hawks. What they will do is riding on the thermal. This thermal occurred from the land which makes the body of a hawk warm.

Hawk Flies

Hawk Flies

Hawk Facts 7: diet

When hawks see the opportunity to catch a prey, they will do it. These animals eat anything that they can catch. They like eating snakes, rats. Toads, insects, chipmunk, shrew, small birds, voles, frogs and many more.

Hawk Facts 8: New York State hawks

New York State hawks are big. Most of them have the wingspan of 4.5 feet. The weight can reach 3 pounds. Actually there are 14 kinds of hawks living in New York.

Hawk Pic

Hawk Pic

Hawk Facts 9: catching the prey

As I have stated before, hawks are very fast. The will use the feet to grab the prey form the top. Then they will tear and break the prey using the hooked beaks.

Hawk Facts10: storing food

The outstretched of the tail and wing is the place where the hawks will store their additional food. So Hawks will never get hungry if there is lack of prey.



The nest of hawks is very clean since they do not want to attack any predators. They will use the evergreen branches to separate the nest. Do you have any opinion on facts about hawk?

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