10 Interesting the Mekong River Facts

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The Mekong River Facts talk about the river in Southeast Asia.  Based on the length, this trans-boundary river is the 7th longest river in Asia and 12th longest river in the world. The length is measured at 2,703 miles or 4,350 km. Every year, Mekong River discharges 110 cubic miles or 457 km cubic of water. The drainage area of Mekong River is measured at 307,000 square miles or 795,000 km square. Here are other interesting facts about the Mekong River to notice:

The Mekong River Facts 1: the flow of Mekong River

Before Mekong River reaches Cambodia and Vietnam, it will flow to Yunnan Province in China, Myanmar, Laos and Thailand. The flow of the river is originated from the Tibetan Plateau.

The Mekong River Facts 2: Mekong River commission

Mekong River commission was established by Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos and Thailand in 1995. The main purpose for this commission is for the coordination and management for the resources in Mekong River. Myanmar and China took part in Mekong River commission as dialogue partners in 1996.

The Mekong River Facts

The Mekong River Facts

The Mekong River Facts 3: navigation

It is difficult to navigate in Mekong River because of the presence of waterfalls and rapids. Moreover, the variations of flow in the river are extreme seasonally.

The Mekong River Facts 4: trade route

Even though Mekong River is not easy to navigate, it is considered as the primary trade route which connects Southeast Asia and western China.

The Mekong River Pic

The Mekong River Pic

The Mekong River Facts 5: the dams

There many dams which have been constructed and planned for Mekong River. Since 1995, there have been 6 dams built by China for the river. There is a plan to create 14 dams in the future.

The Mekong River Facts 6: the dams in Laos

Laos has an intention to build another 11 large dams for Mekong River.

The Mekong River

The Mekong River

The Mekong River Facts 7: the biodiversity

The biodiversity of Mekong River basin is very rich though it cannot beat the Amazon River.

The Mekong River Facts 8: the flora and fauna

It is believed that Mekong River is a home for 800 reptiles, 430 mammals, 850 freshwater fish, 20,000 plant species and 1,200 birds. Check facts about the Ganges River here.

The Mekong River Pictures

The Mekong River Pictures

The Mekong River Facts 9: the most freshwater fish

You can find 92 species of catfish and 377 species of cypriniforms in the Mekong river basin.

The Mekong River Facts 10: the fisheries

The fisheries in Mekong River grow well because it is very productive. Every year, 2 million tonnes of fish are produced by the inland fisheries in Mekong River. Find facts about the Hudson River here.

The Mekong River Images

The Mekong River Images

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