10 Interesting Amazon River Facts

Tuesday, September 17th 2013. | River

If you want to know one for the most interesting river in the world, look at Amazon River facts. The river is situated in South America. The river runs along some countries in South America such as Brazil, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana, Ecuador, Peru, Colombia, Bolivia and Ecuador. Find more facts about Amazon River in the post below:

Amazon River Facts 1: Length of Amazon River

The length of Amazon River is around 4000 miles or 6400 kilometers.

Amazon River Facts 2: Bridge

The Amazon River only runs inside the rainforest. You can find no bridge in the Amazon River because there are no cities or roads in Amazon.

Amazon River Basin

Amazon River Basin

Amazon River Facts 3: Wet Season

The width of Amazon River is 120 miles or 190 kilometers if the wet season comes.

Amazon River Facts 4: Manaus

Manaus is the largest city located along the Amazon River. The people living in city are around 1.7 million individuals. Manaus is situated in Brazil.

Amazon River Fact

Amazon River Fact

Amazon River Facts 5: Fish

Amazon River is the home to more than 3000 known spices of fish. You need to be careful when visiting Amazon River if there are many piranhas.

Amazon River Facts 6: Anacondas

Visiting Amazon River can be an amazing journey from anyone. The shallow water in amazon basin sometimes features the anacondas. This is a large snake which can kill big animals like goat. When the goat gets closer with the river, they can swallow it easily even though anaconda is no a venomous snake. Look at snake facts here.

Amazon River Facts

Amazon River Facts

Amazon River Facts 7: Piranha

The people who want to know piranha can go to the Amazon River. This fish is a meat eater fish. They will attack the prey in group.

Amazon River Facts 8: Length of River

Even though Amazon River is not considered as the first longest river in the world, it is included as the second longer river. The first record is gained by Nile River. Many people call the Amazon River as River Sea because it is large and vast. Find more toucan facts here.

Amazon River

Amazon River

Amazon River Facts 9: Vicente Yanez Pinzon

The first European person who had explored the Amazon River in 1500 is Vicente Yanez Pinzon. In 1642, Francisco de Orellana was the first person who has travelled the length of Amazon River.

Amazon River Facts 10: Small River and Streams

Amazon River is equipped with more than 1,100 tributaries. There are 17 tributaries which have the length more than 1500 kilometer.

Amazon Rivers

Amazon Rivers

Amazon River is so big and vast. In each rainy season, the river is always flooded with water. If you visit the river, don’t forget to be careful with the piranha because the river is the home to meat eater animal. What do you think on facts about Amazon River?

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