10 Interesting Mississippi River Facts

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Let me give you interesting Mississippi River facts. Mississippi river is considered as one of the famous rivers in United States. You can visit the river and enjoy the scenic view. It will be incomplete if you go to America, but you do not know the flow of Mississippi River. Let me give you important facts about Mississippi in the post below:

Mississippi River Facts 1: Length

Mississippi river has the length around 3,730 km or 2,320 miles. Compared to Missouri river, it is shorter. Look Nile river facts to know another prominent river.

Mississippi River Facts 2: The Longest River System

The longest river system in America is taken by the combination of Missouri river a Mississippi river. It is considered as the longest one not only in US but also in North America. In the world record, it is considered in the fourth place of the longest river.

Mississippi River and Dam

Mississippi River and Dam

Mississippi River Facts 3: Width

The largest width that Mississippi river can stretch is around 11 kilometer or 7 miles. Mississippi facts can be seen here.

Mississippi River Facts 4: States

Mississippi river is very long. The water flows in ten states in US. You can see the river passing Wisconsin, Louisiana, Missouri, Mississippi, Kentucky, Tennessee, Arkansas, Iowa Minnesota and Illinois.

Mississippi River Facts

Mississippi River Facts

Mississippi River Facts 5: Historical Significance

Mississippi river is not just river. It has something to do with US historical significance. The great Mississippi flood occurred in 1927. It has a relation with the modern commercial use, American civil war and Native American tribes.

Mississippi River Facts 6: Martin Strel

Martin Strel is an inspirational figure. This man needed 68 days to conquer the whole length of Mississippi river by swimming in 2002. He is a Slovenian swimmer.

Mississippi River minneapolis

Mississippi River minneapolis

Mississippi River Facts 7: Bridge

It was in 1855 that the first bridge was built across the Mississippi river. The construction for this bridge finished in 1856.

Mississippi River Facts 8: Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is one of greatest novels from Mark twain. This story is very famous not only among kids but also adult. The setting of the story is closely related to Mississippi river. You can read the whole story if you want to know more about it.

Mississippi River

Mississippi River

Mississippi River Facts 9: Benefits Of Mississippi River

Mississippi river is used by the people as the source for water. This condition is still the same in the present days. 50 cities in US relay on the water supply every day from the river.

Mississippi River Facts10: Mississippi River Basin

It is estimated that more than 15 million people relay on the tributaries in the Mississippi river basin to stay alive.

map of mississippi river

map of mississippi river

If people want to use the Mississippi river as the source for water, they need to make sure that the environmental condition around the river is healthy. Throwing the garbage in the river is prohibited because people can make the river polluted. Are you fascinated with facts about Mississippi River?

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