10 Interesting the River Mersey Facts

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If you want to know more about the river located at the north west of England, check the River Mersey Facts. The name of the river means Boundary River for it was taken from the Anglo-Saxon language. If we trace back the history of River Mersey, it could be the boundary of ancient kingdoms of Northumbria and Mercia. It was also considered as the border between Cheshire and Lancashire. Check other interesting facts about River Mersey below:

The River Mersey Facts 1: the beginning of the flow

The beginning of the flow in River Mersey is located in Stockport. The exact location is at the confluence of River Tame and River Goyt.

The River Mersey Facts 2: the flowing of River Mersey

Before the flow of River Mersey reached the Manchester Ship Canal located at Irlam, it goes into the suburban regions in South Manchester.

the river mersey facts

the river mersey facts

The River Mersey Facts 3: the large estuary

The widened flow of River Mersey is spotted when it reaches Runcorn to meet the large estuary. The widest point is measured at 4.8 kilometer or 3 miles.

The River Mersey Facts 4: the total length of River Mersey

The total length of River Mersey is measured at 113 kilometer or 70.33 miles.

the river mersey images

the river mersey images

The River Mersey Facts 5: The Mersey Ferry

The tourists are interested to enjoy the beauty of River Mersey and its surroundings by accessing the Mersey Ferry.

The River Mersey Facts 6: the water quality

The industrialization had affected the quality of water in River Mersey. However, there was a plan established to regenerate and improve the quality of water with Mersey Basin Campaign. Get facts about the Murray River here.

the river mersey pic

the river mersey pic

The River Mersey Facts 7: River Mersey in 2009

It was reported that the water quality of River Mersey was cleaner in 2009. Today, River Mersey receives the status as a clean river in United Kingdom.  Check facts about the Murray-Darling Basin here.

The River Mersey Facts 8: the local nature reserves

The local nature reserves are under the management of Mersey Valley Countryside Warden Service. Some of the local reserves include Chorlton Ees and Sale Water Park.

the river mersey pictures

the river mersey pictures

The River Mersey Facts 9: the tributaries

There are three tributaries, which form River Mersey. They include the River Tame, the River Goyt and the River Etherow.

The River Mersey Facts 10: the empty of the river

The river is emptied at Liverpool Bay in Irish Sea. The second highest tidal range in Britain is located in the River Mersey. The first one is taken by River Severn.

river mersey

river mersey

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