10 Interesting River Thames Facts

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The famous river in United Kingdom is explained in River Thames Facts. Have you ever seen this river? It has the length of 215 miles or 346 kilometers. The source of the water is from Thames Head, Gloucestershire.  Even though it is not the longest river in United Kingdom, it still gains a lot of attention from the people. Based on the length, it takes the second longest river in United Kingdom. Find out more facts about River Thames by reading the following post below:

River Thames Facts 1: the islands

You can find at least 80 islands in River Thames. Some of them include the Rose Isle, Canvey Island and Isle of Sheppey.

River Thames Facts 2: London

When the River Thames flows through London, you can find the tidal.

River Thames London

River Thames London

River Thames Facts 3: flowing

As I have stated before, River Thames flows through London. Thus, it is always called as one of the famous Britain Rivers.  Actually there are other cities and towns in United Kingdom passed by River Thames such as Henley-on-Thames, Windsor, and Kingston upon Thames, Richmond, Reading and Oxford. Find out another river in Nile River facts.

River Thames Facts 4: the word

The word Thames is always referred to the Celts. It was taken from the word Tamesis or Tamesas. The meaning is dark.

River Thames Facts

River Thames Facts

River Thames Facts 5: the drinking water

Thames River is very important to the life of the people in London. The drinking water for the London people is mostly from River Thames. Find out the famous river in US in Mississippi facts.

River Thames Facts 6: the types of creatures

You can find different kinds of creatures such as chub, trout, pike, roach, coots, kingfishers, grebes, moorhens, herons and other birds.

River Facts

River Facts

River Thames Facts 7: tributaries

There are various kinds of tributaries in River Thames. Those are Cherwell, River Chum, Thames, Mole, Loddon, and Windrush.

River Thames Facts 8: other Rivers

The rivers such as River Brent, Effra, Westbourne and Fleet join the River Thames to create a tidal.

River Thames

River Thames

River Thames Facts 9: the liquid history

The liquid history is used to describe River Thames by a Battersea MP, John Burns.   From the Neolithic era till today, the river had supported the settlement of the British people in the history. There were many key events in the British history conducted along the bank of the river.

River Thames Facts 10: bridge

Do you know that River Thames had been tunneled for 15 times and bridged for more than 200 times?

River Thames Pictures

River Thames Pictures

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