10 Interesting the Ganges River Facts

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The Ganges River Facts talk about one of the prominent rivers in the world. It can be found flowing in Bangladesh and India. The length of Ganges River is 1,569 miles or 2,525 kilometer. Before the river flows to reach Bangladesh, it flows in western Himalayas in Uttarakhand and Gangetic Plain of North India. Gangetic Plain of North India will be drained in Bay of Bengal. Check other interesting facts about Ganges River below:

The Ganges River Facts 1: the discharge

If you look at the discharge of Ganges River, it is considered as the 3rd largest river in the world.

The Ganges River Facts 2: the Hindus

The Hindus consider Ganges River as a sacred river. They worship Goddess Ganga. Moreover, the river is very important for the life of the Indian people who live around it. The daily needs of the people depend on the flows of the river. Get facts about the Colorado River here.

Facts about The Ganges River

Facts about The Ganges River

The Ganges River Facts 3: the banks of Ganges River

The banks of Ganges River have the significant history in the past. There were former imperial capitals and provincial located in the banks such as Baharampur, Bhagalpur, Kashi, Kannauj, Murshidabad, Pataliputra and Munger

The Ganges River Facts 4: the pollution

People concern with the pollution in Ganges River. In 2007, it took the 5th place of the most polluted river in the world. Check facts about rivers here.

The Ganges River Images

The Ganges River Images

The Ganges River Facts 5: the ecosystem

The ecosystem in Ganges River is affected due to the presence of pollution. The life of 70 species of amphibians, 140 species of fish and river dolphin were threatened because of the pollution.

The Ganges River Facts 6: Gang Action Plan

The pollution in the Ganges River should be eliminated. Therefore, an environmental initiative is made. The program is called Ganga Action Plan.

India Hindu Festival

India Hindu Festival

The Ganges River Facts 7: the failure of Ganga Action Plan

There are various reasons why Ganga Action Plan failed because of the lack of support from the religious officials, poor environmental planning and lack of technical expertise.

The Ganges River Facts 8: the basin

There are four countries covered by the basin of River Ganges. Those are Bangladesh, Nepal, China and India.

The Ganges River

The Ganges River

The Ganges River Facts 9: the area of Ganges basins

Around 80 percent of Ganges River’s basin is located in India. Nepal has 13 percent of the basin, while Bangladesh owns 4 percent.

The Ganges River Facts 10: the pilgrimage

The pilgrimage is often made by the Hindu people during Kumbh Mela for every 3 years. They will gather in the river.

The Ganges River Facts

The Ganges River Facts

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