10 Interesting the River Trent Facts

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Another river in United Kingdom is explained on the River Trent Facts. Based on its length, it takes the third longest river in the country. The river will flow to most areas located in northern Midlands. The beginning of the flow is located at the southern area of Biddulph Moor in Staffordshire. Due to the spring snowmelt and storms, River Trent will flood the surrounding areas. Let us check other interesting facts about River Trent in the following post below:

The River Trent Facts 1: the wide estuary

The wide estuary of River Trent is located in the middle of the Midlands and northern England.

The River Trent Facts 2: where is River Trent emptied?

River Trent is emptied at Lincolnshire to the North Sea after it passes several areas such as Nottingham, Burton upon Trent and Stoke-on-Trent.

the river trent

the river trent

The River Trent Facts 3: the natural habitat

The natural habitat around River Trent is decreased because of the artificial changes, which include mineral extraction, farming, navigation, and drainage project.

The River Trent Facts 4: the animals

There are several animals, which live around River Trent such as the wading birds and wildfowl. The non Native American mink and otters can be found here too. Get facts about the River Severn here.

the river trent pic

the river trent pic

The River Trent Facts 5: the nature conservation

The nature reserves were found in River Trent. Some of them were made of the disused gravel pits. The reserve is inhabited by the reed warblers, bittern, water rails, kingfishers and oystercatcher.

The River Trent Facts 6: the wetland sites

There are various wetland sites around the river. They include Willington Gravel Pits, Drakelow, Croxall Lakes, and Beckingham Marshes.

the river trent images

the river trent images

The River Trent Facts 7: the water quality

The water quality of River Trent is improved today. That is why the number of fish stocks is also enhanced. In 1980s, the otters were vanished in the river. However, they have been returned after the ban of some persistent pesticide usage.

The River Trent Facts 8: River Trent in 17th century

River Trent was considered as one of the finest rivers in the world in 17th century. It was described by Izaak Walton.

the river trent facts

the river trent facts

The River Trent Facts 9: River Trent in 20th century

In the beginning of 20th century, the fish stock and quality of water of River Trent were decreased because of the industrial pollution.

The River Trent Facts 10: recreational fishing

One of the recreational activities that people do in River Trent is fishing. They can catch pike, dace, carp, roach, and bream. Check facts about the River Thames here.

facts about the river trent

facts about the river trent

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