10 Interesting the River Rhine Facts

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The River Rhine Facts present the interesting information about a European river. The river will be emptied in the Netherland at the North Sea. The beginning of the flow is located in the Swiss canton of Graubünden. The first longest river in Central and Western Europe is Danube River. The River Rhine takes the second longest river. The average discharge of the river is 100,000 cubic feet per second or 2,900 m3/s. The length is at 760 miles or 1,230 km. Let us check other interesting facts about River Rhine below:

The River Rhine Facts 1: Cologne, Germany

Have you ever gone to Cologne, Germany? It is considered as the biggest city located in River Rhine. The city houses at least 1,050,000 residents.

The River Rhine Facts 2: the importance of River Rhine

River Rhine is still important for transportation for it has been used to transport the goods and trade in deep inland since the Roman Empire along with Danube River.

the river rhine image

the river rhine image

The River Rhine Facts 3: the importance of River Rhine in Germany

The German people consider River Rhine as their symbol of nationalism in the modern period.

The River Rhine Facts 4: the measurement

The conventional measurement of River Rhine is called as Rheinkilometer or Rhine-kilometers. In 1939, this scale was introduced.

the river rhine pic

the river rhine pic

The River Rhine Facts 5: the High Rhine

The High Rhine is very different from the Upper Rhine and Alpine Rhine because the water flows to the west part. The beginning of High Rhine is located at Stein am Rhein.

The River Rhine Facts 6: The Rhine Falls

The average water flow of Rhine Falls is 373 m³/s. The location of the falls is below Schaffhausen. If we look at the term of the potential energy, the Rhine Falls are considered as the second largest waterfall in European continent.

the river rhine pictures

the river rhine pictures

The River Rhine Facts 7: the features of High Rhine

If you visit High Rhine, you can spot many dams here. It also features some rapids on the natural areas.

The River Rhine Facts 8: the Upper Rhine

When people talk about the Upper Rhine, it always reminds them with the middle ages and antiquity era due to its importance cultural landscape.

the river rhine

the river rhine

The River Rhine Facts 9: the Upper Rhine today

When you visit the Upper Rhine today, do not be surprised if you find a lot of service and manufacturing industries.

The River Rhine Facts 10: Tributaries

River Rhine has many tributaries. They include Wutach, Alb, Rabiusa, Plessur, Rein de Curnera, Wupper, Bregenzer Ache, Argen, Schussen, Lahn and Leiblach. Get facts about the Hudson River here.

the river rhine facts

the river rhine facts

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